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    SWM TL 320 1982

    Great machine well done - would the betor triple clamps kick the rake out a bit? I have what I believe to be mar. Different triple clamps on mine and the bar clamp appears further forward.
  2. Yes Bigem bringing the SWM to CD8 just booked to ride Sunday. I will take my YZ250h and hopefully the ty 175 to.
  3. Looking like I would but Feetupfun is going to Denman which is deadly fun. Its an all twin shock club running a 2 day in the Hunter Valley with lots of gibbers [big ones]. Im still negotiating a way forward with the minister for war and finance....the other plus for Classic dirt 8 is it maybe the last time I have my YZ250h for a blast around that MX track.
  4. reginald

    spokes kits?

    Any ideas/leads on sourcing spoke kits for a Grimeca hub/Akront rim found on my 1982 TL320?
  5. reginald

    1981 2honey

    Well done - what beauty.
  6. I reckon it comes down to what you prefer [looks, technology, condition] and how mechanical you are? I have a twin shocker because i was introduced to the sport after selling an old Bultaco and one of my first bikes was a Bully. Because I'm older i like the look of twin shockers and get how to do some of the simpler maintenance tasks plus I rub elbows with guys who like the older ones too. However if its just a price thing I would be looking at the most reliable and best condition bike you can afford. A low hour anything already to compete is a bargain compared to doing one up.... Also non stop trials on a twin shocker is a different sport to contemporary style....more flowing and more cornering skills and handling than the newer stuff. Good luck with the decisions.
  7. Hi Ross, Thanks for that - yeah prefer to not modify the footpeg location so I gunna go for raising the bar. On that do you know of any wider pegs that would bolt straight on? I reckon from the replies [thanks everyone]and feetupfun's advice I'll test the falcons with 50lb springs and then perhaps get them rebuilt. Thanks Mark
  8. G'day, At 6 4 + 1mm what do you weigh? I'm 97 kilos and have 40 pound springs on falcon shocks with the preload maxed out and am contemplating going to 50 lb. What do you run as shockies and any ideas on rates?? Cheers Mark Casswell
  9. reginald


    Love to see some pics?
  10. Are they renthals? And do you want to sell them.
  11. Wow! can you grow that fast due to your yoga skills ? [Refering to your avatar image:)]. Have you tried a higher bar?
  12. My SWM TL320 1982 has had a few updates so heres a few notes for others that maybe doing similar. New tyres michelin front; IRC rear, new wheel and str. head brgs., new chain and sprockets, new EBC brake shoes, fuel tap, new rear guard and new stickers. Heres a list on some of the work to date. 1. Stg. head brgs. not available in Oz [supplied from Martin at SWM moto]. 2. The sprocket I had on the rear had a steel insert /hub which offset the sprocket from the hub approx. 2mm. When I replaced with talon sprocket without a recess I used 2mm thick washers and ground them on one side so the chain wouldn't foul on them. 3. Sprocket bolts were loose when i went to change them and they had been tightened in the last year and the manual says this is an issue on a solid [no cush drive] hub so I'll need to keep an eye on them. 4. rear wheel was out of alignment with the cam adjusters so eyeballing and measuring between springarm pivot and axle [allowing for angle] has got it pretty right. 5. I have replaced the chain buffer on the swingarm with M.C.S brand Honda part with bolts replacing self tapers. It does keep drifting inwards towards the engine and the ridge for the rollers pulls the chain over slightly [say 5-7mm] but its wearing a new path anyway. 6. The rear guard repo. is a couple of inches shorter than the original - no biggie and looks better. 7. The thread type screw fuel tap has been replaced with I assume an enduro tank reserve level which is no worries really [i put it straight onto reserve and only have a 1 litre in for comp.]. I needed to remove 2-3 mm from the lever so it doesn't foul the decomp. under the tank. 8. I'm now running the fork tubes flush with the top triple clamp rather than 5mm thru and really at my level I cant feel the difference. 9. Counter-shaft was a bit stubborn but a bit of sikolene penetrative fluid overnight and a heat gun on the nut and the rattle gun got it. 10. as previously stated the clutch has Barnett friction plates 301 22 10001 and xr 600 valve springs has given a light clutch with no slipping in the top gears [not ty 175 light but not bad]. Oiling the cable ever 2hours also helps. 11. I have on lots of occasions lost spark due to condensation on the points in QLD Austrlia's unusually wet weather with heaps of humidity. A bit annoying but if she doest start in the first 3 kicks I get that cover off and use a business card to wipe the points dry and away she goes. 12. I had already replaced the standard SWM cap which was shorting all over the place with a cheaper $5 one and no worries there any more. Also shortened the spark plug lead considerably to keep it off the head. Overall I'm very happy with the ease of maintenance and the handling and engine on this machine. The next modifications will be a handlebar riser [up and forward] or an old school 7inch rise bar [very rare these days]. I also replace the front guard and side panels eventually and the flywheel cover. I also having a new bash plate fabricated out of 6 mm aluminium plate. Image here: http://www.trials.com.au/forum/download/file.php?id=6045&mode=view Thanks to "Feetupfun" for all the shed time and the help with the how to tips and Martin at swmmoto for parts and advice. Also the original owner Steve whose sweet looking TLR can be seen on the first and subsequent pages on the link I have embedded. Cheers Mark
  13. reginald

    Clutch set up

    Hi Ross, The guy that owned my tl320 before me used barnett plates and valve springs from a XR600 or 650. With a lubed venhil cable and magura levers - it isnt ty175 light but **** its better than another stock clutch ive tried. No slip in 4,5,6 either... Mark
  14. reginald

    New Owner of Swm

    Perhaps!!!!! now we have two cyclones lined up to cross the coast.
  15. reginald

    SWM 240 1984

    Yeah the Gori at SWMmoto is a black frame.......what sadistic bugger was let loose with a paint brush and in that colour?
  16. reginald

    SWM 240 1984

    Hi B40Rt, Is this a Gori being a green frame?
  17. reginald

    SWM 240 1984

    That would be great ......looking for the Jumbo style frame and detail of the rear engine mount and where the top frame rails connect to this.
  18. reginald

    SWM 240 1984

    Can anybody help with some pics of a naked frame of a Jumbo or the late model TLs....id really like to see how they are put together?
  19. reginald

    SWM 240 1984

    Nice bike. What are the 240s like to ride compared to the 280cc? Sweeter I would imagine. Does anybody know where you can get the protector plate that sits under the kickstarter?
  20. Hi Brian,

    I don't understand your question?

    In terms of my bike I have had my swing arm out and re greased the shaft and I simply do it up from feel.

  21. reginald

    oz twin shock

    Hi Guys, Thought this maybe of interest to twin shockers all over. http://www.trials.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6012
  22. reginald

    New Owner of Swm

    Good point - we don't get much rain in Australia so mud isn't a biggy. But when it does I'll be more dilligent in that area.
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