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  1. Gas Gas 2011

    There are (4) pinch bolts,..(2) per leg. Hope this helps !
  2. Adam Raga's Forks

    I'm not sure why the 12" Raga has the "Tech" fork either but I can tell you this. There is a popular magazine that just did a test on the 11" Caby 300 and 11" Raga 300, I'm sure most have read it. The Raga pretty much out shined the Caby everywhere. They did say the forks felt very similar and progressive but the last half of the Tech fork had " a small edge " over the zokes. Sure it's a magazine with riders opinions as just my opinions as well. I've rode the 12 Sherco and the forks do seem very similar to my Raga's zokes even though they're on a completely different bike, so a change is sometimes for the good we'll see ! It seems though the Raga's always have the best of components. Glad to see AJP's still on the new Raga. My buddy will pick up his 12 Raga in a few month's and will report on the front ends ( my opinions only ). I've rode all the brands and have owned most of them short of a Sherco. In my opinion the 11 Raga 300 is the finest working package out there. As far as quality goes you can point the finger at all brands,... but I do believe the Gasser's have stepped it up ! JMO !
  3. 240 Footrests

    Majesty,..IMO, regardless of your ability, the mods you speak of will help the bike turn and handle better for you, or anyone for that matter. Some may argue and say that it is not needed and the bike is fine in stock form and to a point I agree. The bikes are awesome in stock form ! I have one in 100% original form ( maybe 30-40hrs, right down to the grips and bars ),...OK,.. new Mich's installed. I also have one that I restored with the peg ( while your at it make a adjustable brake pedal stop too ) and clamp mod,..also a 5.5 riser bar on mine ( pictures a few pages back). Both bikes are awesome, but without doubt the ( mod ) bike works much better and feels ( almost ) modern. If you have the parts I say go for it !!!
  4. I have a good friend of mine who bought a 12' 300 Race with the same problems. He's flushed both systems, but says not the same action as the previous vendor. I'm glad I got a 11' Raga,...the controls are second to none !
  5. Strange Thoughts ...

    Keep the 240,... they're like a good friend. You'll miss her anyway and you'll never get what it is worth to YOU. As far as the modern bikes go, I can't be with out one,...ur I mean two ! Don't get me wrong I like pushing it on my conversion bike ( just got back from a trial today on it ...still smiling and giggling) and riding twin shock but if I had to choose only one,... the vintage stuff would loose. Sorry fella's ! Get a Gasser !
  6. That would complete my collection ! That is sooooo sweet !
  7. Fantic 240 Forks

    When you do this, don't forget to loosen the fender/fork brace as well.
  8. Shocking question

    Arnoux...thanks for the clear up ! Sounds like a radical shock ( to go along with a radical ability )!!!
  9. Shocking question

    The 11' Raga has adjustable rebound and compression on the Reiger ( absolutely amazing TRACTION and ride !!! ) I believe the 12' Race has adjustable rebound only on the Reiger. My friend has an 11' 300 Pro (I believe with a Sachs) and there is a big difference between the two bikes...suspension and motor ! Will the Pro limit my riding ability...Heck no,..but we would both rather ride my Raga 300 ! I was told ( can't confirm, but came from a reputable source ) that Raga uses the "stock" suspension on his bike and has little done to it. Merry Christmas to all !
  10. Hi liked the job u have done.very neat and clean.

  11. evo exhaust/frame/mystery rattle?- help

    See if the shock spring is touching the exhaust. I think I remember a old thread of this ??? Good luck !
  12. Giles avec Bernie et Yrjo et Charles

    Too cool Tim ! Thanks for posting. Total respect for those guys...best video I've seen in a while and didn't understand a word !!! Awesome !!!
  13. 2011 280 raga

    Hi Nicos, I have an 11' 300 Raga that ran a tad lean (slight knock) under load.I went to a 48 pilot and raised the needle a notch (lower the clip).I'm pretty sure our factory jetting is the same as the 122 main is fine. The Gasser requires 95 or higher octane so make sure you use good gas first and stay with a good quality. Typically if the adjustment is in front of the slide it's and "fuel screw" ex. Delorto, and if it is behind the slide it is an "air screw" ex. Keihin. Hope this helps
  14. Beta Suspension

    Thank you !
  15. Beta Suspension

    Fella's... Fella's. ! Nif I know you have performed these tests with weak results ( if any ). What I can say here is this. Nif can ride and has feel for set-up. All he was trying to do here is get his forks to act a bit more like a zoke if possible. He did say the left fork did nothing as far as "compression dampening" goes due to his oil viscosity changes in the left leg. You guys were right technically but nif was right in his feel, so he assumed they did nothing as far as comp. dampening was concerened as the advice recomended did not offer change. He did take the fork apart and now knows for sure that they should ! I "may" ( and I did say may ) have an answer... maybe one of the previous owners drilled out the comp. holes ( I'm sure everyone remembers that old trick...drilling and brazing...yikes I feel old ) to get quicker dampening...the problem he is trying to reverse here ??? (I know, I know, much easier to change the oil) and or the dampening seal is bad ? Liviob the next time your in your left leg and have time, can post or pm the diameter of you comp. orifices ?