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  1. I asked in one bicycle shop and they have 5.5 and 6.3 mm only. I sent an email to a bearing shop and have no answer yet. That's why I asked here, maybe someone knows the code of a bearing with 6 mm balls. I will try a bicycle service. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I had to fix the clutch to my Beta and somehow a lost the steel ball that is between those two rods. The ball is 6 mm diameter and its code is: 2890210 000 BALL D6. I know, its price it's very low but it will take about 2 weeks to get it if I'll order it. Does someone know what bearing I can break and get a 6 mm steel ball? I need the code of the bearing or any other idea. Regards,
  3. Yes, the bike runs ok when I open the throttle that's why I suspect the pilot circuit. I asked here because I don't know if something else could cause the same. Thanks.
  4. I thought you think of this but one week ago, in the same situation it was different. I kept the air screw in the same position (1 1/2 out in my case) after carb cleaning. I changed the plug today but no difference and the fuel is fresh. I believe there is some dirt stuck in the pilot air/gas circuits which I couldn't remove. Thanks you all for suggestions.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure I can describe this symptom and I hope 'to hitch/hitching' is the right word that describe my problem. Let's say I ride the bike in the 3rd gear and I let the engine to idle, the throttle is off and the clutch is engaged. At this moment the bike hitches pretty hard like the gas is coming in sequences. This is very uncomfortable. It is not happening when I pull the throttle and the engine speed is higher than idle. I think this is happening in the pilot/idle circuits of gas and air. I cleaned the air filter and the carburetor but I cannot figure what else I can do. What else can be: the benzine quality, the reed valve, the exhaust, the clutch? I don't want to try all these until I get some hints. Please help with any suggestion. Maybe someone else experienced the same and found the reason. Regards.
  6. Can anybody measure a stock handlebar length on his bike? I have to buy a new handlebar and I don't know if the previous owner of my bike changed it or not. I know there are several 'shapes' for MX handlebars but I don't know which one best fits a trials bike. Any suggestion is welcome. | ------------- Length -------------| ------------\ /------------- \---------/ Regards. vapi
  7. Thanks Mike. I did as you said. First, a good cleaning and soaking - very important. I guess those bearing are the original ones (from 2005) according to their very bad condition. Then, I used a 19 mm socket and a BIG hammer. I had to hit harder just first 3 times in order to unlock the bearings. After that it was easier. I removed both bearings on the same side. looks like a 20 or 21 mm socket fits better. Regards.
  8. Hi, I have to change those 4 (HK2218RS)swingarm bearings. I've removed the swingarm from the bike but it looks difficult to remove the bearings. Do you know any good/easy technique? Regards.
  9. ioan_vapi

    Loose kickstart

    Something similar happened to me and I found a loosen screw on top of the kickstart case under the middle exhaust pipe. I have fixed it screwing it in back.
  10. That is what I found too. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I bought an used Beta Rev3 270 - 2005. Does someone know the stock jets, needle and air screw setup for this bike? Also, please tell me a popular online store where I can order Beta spares. I never found all I need in one place . Thanks.
  12. Thank you guys for answers. Martin's post is clear.
  13. Hi, I want to buy a Montesa 315 250. The seller says it is 2003. Also, I saw pictures with models from 1998, 2000, 2001. They all seam to look the same but there must be some particular differences between models. Since the seller doesn't have any document, how can i determine the production year for a bike? I'm interested in years: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. Usually, I should use frame serial number but I don't know how. I'm sure this works for cars. This is very important because in case I have to buy some spares I have to provide the correct production year, otherwise, it's possible to buy the wrong spare which won't fit the bike. Anyway, you got my point. What's your opinion. Thanks. PS: as everybody knows, we cannot take plastics into account since later models fit most of the time the earlier ones.
  14. you are right but I would expect fair people saying what they know from their group. I'm sure in the same group people have different bikes and sometimes hear people complaining about expensive parts or about not finding a specific part for their bike. I'm talking here about parts you can change/fix at home (plastics, levers, bearings, seals, filters etc).
  15. Hi, I read the entire topic and I found nobody mentioned about 'availability' of spares for different bikes. So, I would be interested to find out which models (beta, gas gas, sherco etc) are expensive/cheap to maintain. Also, I would be interested in the spares availability on online stores. There must be some models for which it is difficult to find spares or they are more expensive than others. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks.
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