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  1. All new JTG comes without atmospheric pipes on carburator. I think it should be to prevent dirt-wather to come in. Should we put some and how long?
  2. Thanks Jon. I didn't know that Dellorto has no air screw. The small one is mixture screw and that explain everything. If I turn it out Motor gets more fuel, not air.. I cleaned carb yesterday and turned small screw 3,5 turns out and it runs perfectly. Samo
  3. Hi Sting32, I have Jotagas 250 with Delorto and I closed idle mixture screw a bit to get a higher idling speed. But now motor runs too lean. I didn't tuch air screw. Should I open mixture screw back, but how I get higher idling speed than? (sorry for bad English..)
  4. Got one yesterday. Very smoot and light as a feather..
  5. This is the one for Rev3 2000-2008 : OLLE103-0112N
  6. I also need a new shock. I'll buy this one, it is not expensive. But Olle made last year shock only for Evo's. Is it 100% truth that this one fits to Rev3 ?
  7. samo

    Faulty Rev 3 Cdi Unit

    Hi! The whole ignition sistem (cdi, stator, coil) are made in Slovenia. I bought once CDI directly from them for just 30 euros. (24 £ ) They are wery friendly and like to help.. Hidria AET d.o.o. Poljubinj 89a SI-5220 Tolmin -- Slovenija -- Work T: +386 5382 1000 FaxF: +386 5382 1450 E: sales.aet@hidria.com
  8. Try to contact the manufactorer. I bought once CDI direct from them and people there were very friendly. It was around 30 euros.. Hidria AET d.o.o Poljubinj 89a SI-5220 Tolmin Slovenia T: +386 5 3821 000 F: +386 5 3821 405 E: sales.aet@hidria.com www.hidria.com
  9. samo

    Suspension setup

    Thanks Pindie for an answer. I can not find someone to rebuilt my rear shock too. So let me know when you will start to repair them. I'm 70kg,so I think 2 turns on fork leg preload would be enough.?
  10. samo

    Suspension setup

    Can anyone tell please how to measure full sag?
  11. I have heard too that the clutch is very hard. I'm planing to buy this bike but it looks that I'll wait until Ossa solves the problem with starting the bike and soften the clutch..
  12. samo

    Olle shock

    Spencer and Ralphy Thanks for respond. Here in Slovenia I can not find anyone to rebuilt my shock. I asked also an Austrian Beta importer and still no luck..
  13. samo

    Olle shock

    I'm buying a new rear shock for my beta and I can get cheap this Olle shock, but I can not found it for my 07 rev3 only for Evo 09 - 11...probably not for my bike Does anyone know any cheap replacement??
  14. I prefer to land on rear wheel first. I think landing is softer. BTW how is trial scene in Serbia? I'm from Slovenia and two years ago we start to organize some competitions here to bring this sport to higher level. Greetings Samo
  15. I solved the problem already a year ago. I put the 30 pilot and 140 main, but it was stil knocking to hear so I turn the ignition 2-3mm to the left and it was perfect No knocking animore.
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