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  1. revbeta

    which helmet

    I'm looking at replacing my helmet which at the moment is a Airoh trr Dapper, i have been looking at other helmets (yet to try any on) I like the look of the jitsie HT2 data. My concern is as there is a £100 price difference am I getting a lot better helmet with the Airoh? what are peoples views on the jitsie helmets or any of the other makes out there. Any help or advice would be very helpful.
  2. revbeta

    Starting ?

    I have found no throttle works best for me, also it does seem to start easier the more I've rode it
  3. revbeta

    2015 St300 Opinions

    I've just made the change from a 300 gas gas to a 300 sherco racing & absolutely love it, the power is smooth & easy to use but there if you want it, for me the bike feels lighter & easier to move around, riding wise it's very similar to the gas gas so it doesn't feel alien when you get on it.........for me it was a good move & I prefer the sherco (& I loved my gas gas) but everyone is different.
  4. It's called the racing NOT factory, it has all the bling of the factory but with a standard engine in & different forks & rear shock compared to the factory.......probably a way of using up all the spares, I tried to order a standard & a factory 300 last week only to be told sherco are not making any more as they are concentrating on the 2016 model BUT they are bringing out a racing model as shown on the front page.
  5. revbeta

    Buying A Sherco

    Cheers dav cc, I normally change my bike every 2 years so I think I may just buy a 2015 gasgas & worry about it in 2 years time...the big problem is there is no choice of bikes at the moment with the manufacturers having their issues, unfortunately I don't like the riding position of the beta so that's a definite no no.
  6. revbeta

    Buying A Sherco

    Cheers lads, I spoke to a lad today who is also a top rider & had a standard 2014 sherco but never had any problems with the std suspension......obviously it's a bit worrying changing manufacturers, especially when I like the way the gasgas rides & the reiger shock does work well so maybe that's why it could be noticeable jumping on another make.
  7. revbeta

    Buying A Sherco

    Hi I'm looking at buying a 2015 sherco 300, I have a 300 gasgas racing at the moment, just wanted to know what people think of the reliability (good & bad) of the sherco & how it compares riding wise to the gasgas......I love my gasgas but it's time to upgrade & with the financial issues with gasgas it may be time to jump ship. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Not sure on the paint code but i have used halfords own enamel red paint to blow in on my frame & you can't tell, would definitely recommend
  9. I still don't see whats wrong with the old scoring system 1 for a dab, 2 for two dabs and so on, that was easy observing, as well as the time limit most club riders will not stand there all day balacing on the bike but they may stop and eye up the obstacle, and as far as the btc thats what the time limit was brought in for. To me i thought trials was about balance & bike control so why should you have a penalty for balancing for a few seconds, i ride club trials to have a bit of fun & meet others, my club lets you ride what you feel ( stop, no stop) & thats why there are different classes for those who can not hop & bounce if needed
  10. revbeta

    Rev3 Graphics

    i've seen graphics for rev 3 on ebay
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