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  1. That's OK, I've been so busy with band stuff, I forgot how to ride!
  2. Don't worry about the SPT lines though, just 'cause I can't ride 'em don't mean they're too hard.
  3. Come on Zippy, we both know you're gonna ri... crash Of course, so will I
  4. Remember the 70% rule. If I have to ride ADV in the last event to catch up, I'll do it!
  5. I have to agree with the others - 2-day - Given that there is adequate space for camping at the grounds Loop - I was herding two novice riders around, and neither had any trouble. Difficulty - If I could get 1 clean on most of the sections, the other SPT riders may have thought it was too easy , but I thought it was good Adv/Exp - Like I know Consessions - Didn't know there were any, if there was, it could have been advertised better Cost - Seemed reasonable to me Distance - Probably wouldn't have seemed too bad if I hadn't started when I'd already been up for 20 hours Overall -
  6. I like it! I'm not sure our club president would go for it though, I think he takes things a little serious.
  7. We've got all the sections on the south (left) side this time, I expect we'll be on the north side in the fall. Right now, I think the cow pies are fairly evenly distributed - watch your step!
  8. Zippy, you needn't worry about the rocks, you won't hurt 'em I expect ya to get a few cleans Sunday.
  9. But at least I won't be using it well!
  10. Looks like I get to be the first here to say, Great Job Sam! I don't think I've ever seen that many riders at a local event, I heard 105 on Saturday Great start to the season, Thanks Sam
  11. This may be a silly question but, um, what time is it there? (EDT, CDT, CST)?
  12. Biff, let me know when you're headed down to the Rouge. Not Sat. though, I'm taking the CCW class. I haven't even looked at my bike since Thanksgiving weekend. I definately am going to need some riding time before Sam's event!
  13. Hey!?!?! Where are you guys dong that?
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