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  1. Great event guys. First time back on the bike in a long while. Had a blast!
  2. An old snowmobile trailer does just that. Zippy, have you seen Brockway's trailer like this? Maybe he'll read this thread and post a pic.
  3. Zippy, You are a true hillbilly or handyman or...whatever! I like it.
  4. Thanks Biff! Sorry you won't be there. It's an all skate for Will and me unless my wife makes us fly out to Kansas with her!
  5. Can I still get over and back with a photo I.D. and a birth cert.?
  6. I'll sacrifice mine for the burning... MAYBE only then will the wifey let me get a new one!
  7. Windfall, Pits gonna be in the same field as last year or back across the road? Just curious... seems like one field had more cow patties than the other!!!
  8. Way to go Sam! Great event all around. "Wild Bill" Will appreciated the extra shout out at the awards ceremony on Sunday! I think everyone felt right at home (spectators and riders alike). What a great event to kick off the season!!!!
  9. Zippy, I'm really looking forward to this weekends event. Unfortunately I have not been on my bike much, but now is the time! Sam's property is great. I always enjoy riding there, especially before mosquito season! Sam, Are you all set for checkers? I know some folks from that New Paris enduro gang will be there. We could put 'em to work if need be.
  10. That region of Indiana is on "Michigan" time...Eastern
  11. Sam, Some friends of ours have a razor and Will has spent quite a bit of time on it. Fun little bike. It even gets around pretty well in the hills/woods. As others have mentioned, frame geometry is not very well suited for trials, but how tight can the turns be in the pee wee class anyway?! Another drawback would be the high gear ratio. Perhaps this could be changed by swapping out sprockets??? This particular Razor gets used pretty hard (jumps, high speed wipe-outs) and has held up amazingly well. Durable little bike for the money...
  12. Hey Biff, My kid wants your Monty. I'll get a hold of you off board to discuss. ~Gaby
  13. China's industrial prowess is stronger than most realize. This is most recently evident in the bicycle industry. Think that Trek you ride is American made? Think again. Specialized...? same story. Nearly all of their bike frames are made in China by another "little" bike company named "Giant". I also found this little gem a couple years ago. Back then I was under the imperssion that the bike was manufactured in Europe. If this is a knock off, it's pretty darn good.
  14. Right on Biff! These guys are super cool and always put on a great event. Hope to see you there. By the way, How are Pat's toes??? ~Gaby
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