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  1. Gas Gas 250 racing. Bogs from low revs
  2. 2017 gas gas 250 racing stalls on downhilll
  3. Moto Merlin. Just got new chain & sprockets for my TXT 280 yr 2000.
  4. Moto Merlin. Just got new front & back sprockets & chain.
  5. New chain& sprockets. New rear wheel bearings. New air filter & a little ride around the back yard just to see if it's all ok. Trial tomorrow, no snow here.
  6. We run 2 pro 250's on Dextron 3 & a 280 txt on putoline light gear oil all very good.
  7. Except my 280 txt 2000. Nowhere near the tyre.
  8. Don't forget to earth any ground wires with mild steel fasteners not stainless. As I had this problem with our jtx200. I used stainless thinking that well they wont rust. They don't but they also don't make good conductors. That includes mounting coil etc.
  9. A friend bought a brand new one in 1972.
  10. Just have the same problem. The only thing is that when I spray carb cleaner on to the inlet manifold it speeds up. So I am assuming the manifold has a leak. I am having a job to find a replacement. Are there gaskets between the manifold & spacer / reed block? I will try to get it off tomorrow.
  11. Hi check the hydraulic pipe where it goes through the swing arm as we had one break there.
  12. My son who is 15 years old rides a 250 pro in competion, has just won a season & has no problem in doing so. He is 5ft 7 & weighs about 8 stone.It' all about set up. every body is different. I ride a 280 & he has no problem with mine either.I think you should go to Gas Gas UK & get in touch with the GURU. You know it makes sense.
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