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  1. All you need to do is turn the ignition back a touch and it'll be superb, mine is!!
  2. lancsvet

    09 Gas Gas

    Yeah you know me Gary, you bought the trailer off me ! Regards Graeme
  3. lancsvet

    09 Gas Gas

    Whats up Gary, are you not getting along with the Four Stroke Beta ?
  4. I use 10/41 as I found 10/42 a bit slow but it really depends on the individual. I've never heard of anybody going lower than 10/42 though.
  5. 2 x 10 = 20 / 47 - 20 = 27 so rider B would win so it DOES make a difference !!
  6. As the observer has admitted that the rider did indeed ride the section my opinion is the section must be scrubbed from the results, what went on at a previous national is irrelivent to the results of this latest trial and petty arguments should not determine the scores of riders or the outcome of results.
  7. Totally agree with you there Dabster, my 07 250 pro is over twelve months old now and the air box has never been off nor is it likely to need to come off. I ride in the northern centre and its not exactly dry up here. I've had a few Gassers and and they have improved considerably , definately up with the Betas now and before any body starts I've had those as well, also a very good bike, I just prefer riding the Gasser.
  8. Exactly the point I was getting at, anyway its too late now because its done Where do we go from here then because my Tenner is out there somewhere now?
  9. Exactly the point I was getting at, anyway its too late now because its done
  10. It doesn't seem to have a problem with the password, just the username, I registered for the chatroom thingy with my usual details and that went through just fine Just use your name and put an underscore 2 behind it i.e lancsvet_2 then Andy can ignore this new account and using the name see who's account to upgrade and then upgrage the original lancsvet account. The 'new' account you created will them become obsolete. Thanks for that AtomAnt, seems to have gone through ok now, only other thing I had to do was use a different E-mail address for confirmation as the same trouble seemed to be happening with that just like the username.
  11. put your current user name in and it will upgrade that Can't make it do that, it insists my user name is already taken and asks me to find another, I may be missing something obvious here but believe me I have tried everything, What I don't want to do is add a letter to the end of my current user name and then create a new account that I don't need.
  12. How do you actually upgrade from the forums because if I try from the front page it prompts me to create a new username and password as the ones I'm attempting to put in are obviously already taken by myself
  13. I understand and accept what Dabster says but if just a rim tape is right and Sikaflex is wrong because it comes from the factory with just rim tape my Gas Gas was only 2 days old and hadn't turned a wheel apart from Al the spanners excellent pdi when the rear was flat, surely if it comes from the factory in that state using just rim tape isn't the total answer, mine isn't an isolated case either it happens to a lot of lads with these rims, various remedies are sought and implemented fair enough most of them don't work so that takes us back to Dabsters method of getting it right in the first place, my argument is that if the factory get it wrong so often there must be a genuine problem with method of sealing the spokes and using sealant could be a viable alternative, just my thoughts really beacause I did take a rim tape out once and got into a real pickle with it
  14. When you use the Sika Marky do you put the rim tape in first and then seal it in with the Sika or do you actually seal the spoke ends with the Sika, apparantly when windscreen fitters use it they use a primer on the metal parts.
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