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  1. Is there a prize ? Nice twinshock SWM perhaps ? Only joking
  2. Just picked up the 2nd mag from WHSMITHS .Great features for twin shock fans Beamish Suzuki Yamaha Majesty.Project 175 Yamaha and mini majesty .Photos have improved not so arty. What does everybody else think?
  3. sherco 040

    Which Sherco?

    Slow action a must ? I fitted a slow action after about 2 trials on a brand new 05 250 Sherco made alot easier on cambers and turns.Made the bike easier to control .And it stopped me getting arm pump Id go for a 290 if i had to buy another.The only reason i have a 250 is because i won it in a compertion.Slow action only about
  4. Should come full of Beta 4Ts
  5. What was the answer to the twin shock book comp ? Who won ? Did you get loads of entries ?
  6. Thanks for the comprasion pics .Can you send some of your sunny weather to cold England. Lens now sorted .Next topic fill in flash do you use it at all if so what model ?
  7. Have you got any shots taken with the different lense to compare? Thanks for all the info keep it coming.
  8. Italjet guy at Earls Court show was called Franz Vanhoven might not be spelt correctly ?Think he used an Italjet 80 and was about 14
  9. Any idea what zoom lens size everybody uses.
  10. Any body know what year the first junior kickstart was ? And who won ? i have a vhs tape but some how does not have a date on it. I have a list of years and winners for the adult series thanks to the first edition of trials world magazine. But would like the same for the junior series if any body can help me out ?
  11. Good link.Any ideas what the likes of Eric Kitchen or Barry Robinson use ?
  12. Ive got a 350 d I was thinking of getting a Sigma 18 125 after seeing Segio pics? Do you use a flashgun outdoors ? Have you got an example of any pics taken with both your lens to compare ?
  13. Whats the best size zoom lens to use for trials photographey outdoors ? Using canon digital slr? What do you all use ?
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