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  1. Make sure your wires going to the points aren't on the wrong side of the insulators, could be grounding out.
  2. If it's same set up as the 78 cota's it's a simple fix...external spring behind the kickstarter.
  3. Nice to see you got one back ... hopefully the other one soon!!
  4. Try Rocky Mountain Montesa or Southwest montesa. Both in USA.
  5. Looks like you could use a new 3 prong plate and new brass plunger . What did the plunger look like?
  6. Go to rocky mountain montesa on the web.. In the tech articles he has info on clutch maintenance. It could just be your oil.
  7. I would spay some carb cleaner in it, most likely it's full of crap.....
  8. Go to rocky mountain montesa website,look in the tech articles. He has some colors posted.
  9. What part of Ohio are you from?
  10. On the front motor mount...
  11. My book says 300 in gearbox 90w and 200 in the clutch 10w 30 and with that frame # it's a 1976
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