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  1. trial_007

    Montesa 247

    That is defenately a piece of piston ring, you can see the notch on the end for the locating pin. Like you say, strange how it ended up inside that cover, the only thing I could think as the previous owner had the cover off as he was lowering the barrel he snapped it off and it fell in there, he didn't see it and re-fitted the cove! (Only a guess, we will never know) Ian, did you make sure there was no more pieces? And the rings that was on the piston, where they broken (I.e. Was this piece missing from them) Cheers Shaun
  2. Sorry my reply is a little late (but it may help if anyone else finds the same situation) I took a picture of my barrel, the distance is 32.9mm from the gasket base to the edge of the liner. But you now seem to have it sorted!
  3. trial_007

    Montesa 247

    Yes it's definitely a piston ring, here is a picture of mine (it's apart on the bench at the moment) Strange how it was in that cover!
  4. trial_007

    4Rt Copies?

    What is the engine from?
  5. The wider curvy ones are for the rear wheel. The straighter ones for the front!
  6. Don't issue start numbers until they sign on at the event, then issue them as a lucky dip! So no one knows what number they will have until they start, have a cut off time for the entrants, then offer it to the reserve's (obviously before the main start time) What about having a reserve list, and say to the main entrants you have until "x" time in the morning to sign on, (if your going to be late call us) then at least ones who want to ride may have the chance (unfortunately they would have to take their bike with them, but may not be guaranteed a ride if everyone does attend) but if they do, then it's free because the no-show has paid and lost his entrance fee.so worse case scenario you bring your bike and end up just watching a trial, best case you get to ride a trial for free!
  7. Hi, I was reading some of the older threads and see you had no replies yet. Did you get your 315 and get it sorted? When I got mine it was also red and quite wethered, so I changed it to the black look. The rear mudguard was easy to get, I then bought a secondhand tank and resprayed it, the front mudguard is a beta. Great bikes, hope your enjoying yours Cheers Shaun
  8. Hi Arfur, try vallmoto they have one http://www.vallmoto.com/tiendas/en/montesa-cota-74/3894-goma-carburador-cota-74-247-ref1862320-.html 18 euros. I was also going to ask what bike he has, but I just see it in another section, he has a 247! (Like me!) Put some pictures up Arfur in the "show us your monty" section Cheers Shaun
  9. Some good video's there, nice to see the two different classes of bike (twin and mono) riding together What was the red and white bike in the first video at 2 minutes climbing the hill? I kept replaying it and I just can't make it out, am I having a mental block! ?
  10. Try the silicone trick first, just a blob on each one and let it set. Mine was exactly the same as yours, and now it is absolutely silent. Cheers Shaun
  11. As has been said, floating discs are normal. If they are so bad that it effects the bikes control, then you need new ones. my discs move slightly, and I never had any problems with them making it hard to balance or effect the ride. The problem I had was the chattering they did when riding with no brakes applied (when braking there was no sound as they are under tension) so to cure the noise, I did as Craig said, and just blob a little silicone on the collars. Try that first, let it set fully, then see if that helps. Enjoy your 315 they are a great bike, (don't forget to post a picture in "show us your monty") Cheers Shaun
  12. Oops, sorry the pictures are on the side!
  13. So a little strip down today!
  14. With fully synthetic you can go a lot leaner, 40:1 60:1 and even 80:1 What oil are you using now? Try going leaner than you are now, as 25:1 is too rich (that's ok for a chain saw! Lol) Get some good quality oil, then try out different ratios, until you find what works for you. Just mix a litre each time, then you won't be wasting so much fuel. Cheers
  15. trial_007

    Cota Hub

    Thanks for that Mark, I will check out the web site. Yes it must have been fate, the auction was just about to end, and the chap lives a stones throw from my dad in Doncaster! I will join your group Thank you so much Cheers Shaun
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