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  1. Have had 2 GasGas, 1Sherco, and most recently a Beta. Now have 3 rides on a 250 RR and have finally found my perfect bike.
  2. I also have two Airoh MX helmets, and had to go one size larger in a trials helmet, from the Hell team.
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    No start

    Bought a nice used 2017 300 a couple of months ago. Bike sat for about 3 weeks and when trying to ride it yesterday, no way it would start. I only got to use the bike a couple of times and it was a bitch to start, but I thought it was me. After checking the basics, I have determined there is no spark. Where can I get the diagnostics for this. Not plug, or kill switch. Couple of rides on the bike, convinced me that I was going to love the TRS, but after yesterday I want to throw a match at it.
  4. Without having a machine to measure the springs and compare to new, you do not if they are good or not. All springs (including clutch springs) fatigue with use and need replacing from time to time. They are cheap, so just replace when replacing clutch plates. Standard practice for any good mechanic.
  5. Tried a 250 Gas Gas and no easier to start than my 300. Short stroke before kicker hits peg is main problem. Tried a couple of Beta's and Gas Gas is now for sale. Gas Gas is a beautiful bike that is fun to ride, but the starting issue takes all the fun out of riding. Even with the left side kicker, the Beta's are a breeze to kick over. Oh well.
  6. Not new to trials bikes, and have been riding various big bikes for years. I have owned 450 enduro bikes that I had no trouble starting. Previously had a 250 Sherco, and recently picked up a immaculate Raga 300 at a good price. I basically can not start this bike. Suggestions.
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