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  1. As a committee member of a trials club I can confirm they don't make money and land cost are high north or south doesn't matter. Compared to the majority of motor sports trials is too cheap, not enough left in the pot for training days for the youth riders or throwing more money at potentially new venues. Like others I have done some four wheeled motor sport, only track days with an old BMW, but the average entry fee for an evening track day is circa £150 for effectively 2 - 3 hours on track, that's before trailer purchase or higher, tyres brake pads etc etc. You can do a world class event like the Scott for £30, it's unbelievable and we should all be grateful.
  2. This year I have had a 2014 Std 250 Gas Gas, 2015 Sherco Factory 300 and I've just got a 2016 Beta EVO 300. First comment all free bikes are great to ride, all three grip well, stop well and are well balanced. The power on the factory Sherco was impressive but can cause you more problems than benefits, the Beta 300 is super smooth and easier to control but then the 250 GG never felt under powered. I didn't get on with the Sherco tank set up but the 2016 is totally different so if you are buying new not a consideration. Even though I've got a 300, I've been riding for over 20 years off and on and only just decided to get the extra poke (not sure I needed to) so go 250. After that because you don't have a feel or riding style fixed yet all the bikes are brilliant and capable of far more than you (most of us for that matter). Finally if you've got the doe by new every time.
  3. I hope they pull it off, if only for those on a Gasser at the moment. Wonder how TRS and Vertigo took the news? As for Sherco, can't help but think they will regret their ultra conservative 2016 model.
  4. Agree it looks like a backward step, driven by cost, having ridden a Factory 300, can't believe it's a power issue!
  5. fatjacko

    Buying A Sherco

    Just bought a Sherco Factory 300 after 2 gassers, spent an afternoon testing the bike and found it rides quite similar, possibly lighter front end and good grip. Factory has Ohlins so no comment on standard but I know some top riders in the North West centre who have no problems on std bike.
  6. On the basis that the carb is the same as a 2010 EVO 80, then yep the best thing is to strip and clean, make sure the float level is right and that tends to do the trick. Factory float level seems to leave the bike short of juice at times. 19mm float gap seems to be general idea but someone with more experience than me could confirm.
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