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  1. Yeah , fair enough , might be nothing in it , but I'm not taking the risk unless it's necessary . I have used E10 in my bikes and ancient car when I couldn't get E5 , however I tried to get them filled with E5 before I left them for any length of time . There is some fuel stabiliser thing you can buy that is kinder to rubber seals ?. Is it worth buying , i don't know .
  2. Been told the rubber seals can swell when using E10 ? Might be incorrect , but a guy showed me a fuel pump assembly and the big rubber gasket was miles oversize due to what was described as E10 fuel .
  3. Hmm , been fighting with lever position / angle for a while now , it's doing my head in . I used to have the levers pointing almost vertically down but recently I've been coming a bit further back nearer horizontal - a lot of people had commented that I was doing it wrong ....but I thought I knew better Problem with having them pointing down is you can end up riding wrong and puting a lot of weight on the bars , riding with straight legs , and on steep downhils your wrists are bent in a terrible angle when you crouch and put your weight to the rear of your bike . By keeping them nearer horizontal it encourages you to bend legs , keep weight back and you are also able to brace against the bars when hitting obstacles coming down hills etc . I'm using short levers and do move them inboard a long way .
  4. I had big enduro bikes most of my life . Recently bought a Beta Evo 300 . Great bike , great fun . You can ride it just off idle in any gear , loads of torque and nice and light . Another guy I met was similar background to myself , a big guy and on a 125 , think he's doing better than me with the trials . Whether it's his bike or him I don't know , but it was food for thought at the time . The Beta 300 is a nice bike though .
  5. After changing all the rear linkage bushes and shock bushes on Beta Evo 290 I have a bit of play after the first ride . Looking closer it seems the shock mounting hole on the frame has elongated or worn due to years of hammering . A tighten up cures it but that only lasts as long as the first few rocks . My initial thought is to ream the mounting lugs on the frame out and bush it . There is a fair bit of beef on the frame lugs . Looking on ebay I can see 10mm OD , 8mm ID steel bushes - would it be best done in steel or alloy like the frame ? Has anyone done this or is there a recognised fix ? Thanks .
  6. I just went onto the CARVertical there and put my VIN number into their checking service . No record of that VIN found and the site assumed I had made a mistake , I didn't have to pay the 14 quid and just pressed the back button Might get a bill in a few days mind . Not sure if Car Vertical do motorcycles of course https://www.carvertical.com/gb/pricing , but don't specifically see any mention that they don't ? I was unsure if my bike had ever been registered .
  7. Reading that if you know someone with a trade account they can HPI the frame number . If you do it yourself on a non trade account or contact DVLA it doesn't work . Just what I read somewhere so might not be gospel .
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