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  1. Tell you what,i'll order up a skip and get them to dump it by the entrance on the day,as you buy it pass it to me and i'll chuck it over the fence into the skip,that would be easier.
  2. nice one,hav'nt made my mind up if im going yet,not really looking for anything at the moment, it does'nt seem right walking away without buying something, i could allway's come and help you spend your money,i'll let you know a bit closer to the time.By the time you've spent all your dosh you could do with someone to buy you a coffee.
  3. What cost cutting already.If they park up for to long they'd look like a couple of Zebra crossing's. Surely they can come up with better colour's than that,what a shame.
  4. bilco

    50 Years Of Bultaco

    Sorry Greeves i have to ask the question:What on Earth was you doing riding a Girl's Bike in the first place?
  5. Would you suggest a form of partnership between the two then.
  6. Yep i think the other guy's are right,you can wave goodbye to the Trial's side of gasgas if Ducati take's hold of the whole package,Think there's a big clue in that article saying Ducati dealer's in the state's want an off road scene in there name out there,and you can be sure there not thinking trials to make them money. Hopefully gasgas will hold the trials side back from the deal and carry on producing the bike's themself's probaly under a diffrent name.
  7. I understand she can no longer see her feet. God 4 grand they must be massive???????
  8. Motorcycle new's used to have a few job advert's in the back page's years ago,not sure about now though.Seeing you have a road bike you probaly get that rag anyhow. Bike trade seem's to be pretty much a word of mouth industry,i'd cut the job centre out and go straight to your local bike shop's and have a nose around if i was you. what side of the business are you looking to get into.
  9. Im cool with that bikespace. Charity sound's like a good place for the loser's money to go.
  10. Now Now Mr Kinell,you know what im saying. A fiver say's he'd win 2 round's in 2008,how many round's would you say for a fiver.
  11. And this guy's is the reason Beta signed dougie.you talk about dougie and your talking about Beta. Sure he might win a few round's?,however i'd say the time it would take dougie to get he's bike right for him maybe a year or two,it would be to late. He done alot for montesa and they dropped him,what no threat?
  12. Thank you for the run down hilly,was thinking about looking at one myself in the near future look's like you've swayed me.They look nice.
  13. bilco

    The Sequel

    you can't beat watching a bit of Tounge N Groove .
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