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  1. Hi Guys I have no shed at the moment. I have Honda TL125/Kawasaki F11 project. i have parked the bikes for winter in my friend half open storage. they started to rust badly. how to save/protect chrome forks leg/wheels your ideas and thoughts are welcome My ideas > Use some sort of temporary paint may be and that can be removed later , when i re-commission the bike ?? > Grease ? > WD40 ? what else can be done. your ideas and thoughts ? Regards
  2. @scifi I like WW2 bikes Norton 16H , M20/Ariel WNG/RE Model C etc i wish i can born in 1940s ?
  3. @Scifi I agreed . i have seen the some early videos . there is no doubt the Britain is the pioneers of this sport. vintage bikes all have bit of character, which i fell in love with. we are loosing that. i guess. in few years time we will be hopping on similar looking electric bikes only .. no sound no joy for me .. sorry thats my own opinion
  4. Thanks hencam petert teamferret greychapel searching all enjoying reading about them .. Regards
  5. Hi Guys Always interested to know more about older British Trials/Scrambler/Motorcross dedicated Manufacturers ? i know below only Greeves DOT Sprite Metisse Armstrong CCM what else you can think of .. all manufacturers are listed on below .. not sure who else was building them https://cybermotorcycle.com/euro/britain.htm Thanks and Regards
  6. Thanks lot for the pictures .. Regards
  7. it is good feeling to revive the memory . Good luck with your project. keep us posted.
  8. Amazing . Nice bike haven't seen anything like that .. its looking cool
  9. Good findings Mark. need bit of work .. but worth the efforts . get one bike for me as well :-) enjoy..
  10. Hi guys Im going to get crausder frame from my friend wanted to put bullet engine to build trials it quite common practice in trials world Questions .. > Does it need lot of frame mod .. > How about swing arm does it need modification to fit 4.0 x 18 tyre ? Any mod please suggest and pics if possible Thanks
  11. interesting sport. will be very enjoyable.
  12. Hi section swept Perfect Bultaco M80 Sherpa , i love them Any bike actually. which is proper trials bike , yes you are right , these are DR200 suzuki type forks. already did parts swap and got this , want to use them if possible i think my forks long enough might not be suitable for standing while driving .. i will do my post my forks measurement as well Thanks a lot Regards
  13. Thanks a lot anachronism is this from Beta Evo 80 ?
  14. Hi Guys Can someone measure the front front length ( from Axle bolt till the top yoke ) for standard trialing fork. Thanks & Regards
  15. @teamferret good idea. i will look around . Thanks
  16. Thanks @section swept @ourian @potto @2stroke4stroke @faussy you guys are spot on .. it seems like suzuki DR200 etc , i got them for some part exchange. i would like to use them if possible. i have another drum brake wheel as well if i want to use it on bantam . i would like to lower them a bit. i think they still very high for trials bike. thanks again for your quick help Regards
  17. @motovita do you mean they are from Enduro ? i want to use with bsa bantam frame. i will have a look again .. Thanks
  18. Hi Guys Can someone identify these forks. make/model etc ? seems bit longer is length. thanks & Regards
  19. Never rode all twinshocks , just curious what is the best twinshock bike frame geometry/handling wise.. Yamaha TY Suzuki Beamish Fantic 200 Kawasaki KT Bultaco Montesa Cota Ossa MAR Honda TL may be more. you can suggest . Regards
  20. i think in 5-10 years 3D printing will mature and cheap and i will print off my favorite motorcycles without running the factory
  21. i might be more biased towards older bikes. but i still believe olders bikes were different from ground up ( frame, engine , sounds ) were distinctive , FB and james shared Villiers engine i agree everyone have its own taste and liking , and i respect that.
  22. I mean to say if they will be production again. i agree the Twinshock have good turnout , but their prices are increasing rapidly and becoming collectible items.
  23. Hi Will twinhocks bikes will come back ?. I love the older british bikes since childhood i can see lot of British manufactures are making the bikes again ( Triumph, Norton Brough Superior etc ) , i like the newer models .. but they are missing the character , most of them look the same. Sorry my opinion only. Regards
  24. Thanks for all your suggestions/ideas . @turbohead very impressive work. how to make tank pattern first from wood block . ?
  25. Hi guys I was looking for affordable alloy petrol tank for royal enfield bullet project i dont mind ordering it from any part of world as long as it reach my dirty hands. Any idea ? Regards
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