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  1. As said, air tools or you need the tool that has grooves in it to hold it. I made my own, I can take a picture for you if I can find it
  2. The first bike, absolutely, they were crap. (and in that case the whole bike was covered in fork oil after transport) The second one, no leaks what so ever. until after transport. It annoys me that so many do it more or less daily without any issues but as soon as I do it something brakes down Nah, I'll stick with the wheel clamp and straps to the sides!
  3. Yes people have been doing it, and will keep on doing it. I've done it twice whit getting help from previous owner of the bikes in question on pickup. Both times I failed on checking the tension. Both times the seals started to leak after transport. I'm all for letting the bikes suspension do what it is supposed to, even on the trailer. I.e clamping down the wheels/swingarm and let it move by itself. Securing it sideways only over the handlebars (i.e mounting the side points higher up so it doesn't push down as much/at all).
  4. Great! Then the next order from BVM will include a pair!
  5. Was just thinking about this (after taking a peg to the knee). Anyone have these : https://bvm-moto.co.uk/Trials%20Parts%20Clothing%20and%20Accessories%20/Trials%20Clothing%20and%20Helmets/Knee%20Protectors,%20Armour%20and%20Socks?product_id=2825? Do they leave a gap between boot and the knee guard or do they go down in the boot?
  6. The primer/base coat is really important, any dust, scratches or defects will most likely shine through. I would recommend visiting a larger paintshop/car painter, many of them can mix 2K paint and tap it in to a spray can.
  7. Okey! So did some different versions, tried the one with just the shape cut out in black satin vinyl. And It really pleased me, So I might just keep this version, but maybe flash it up with the other version that is printed? Any comments? Black vinyl only : Test of the printed version :
  8. Not that resistant sadly, but the old vinyl had actually held up quite nicely around the cap, how old that was I have no idea. But it had more friction wear than wear from any fluids. You wrap around the fender and then apply a flat piece on the inside of the fender that covers the edges, have done it on a enduro before this, held up quite nicely. far longer then I expected cost of vinyl is about £15 to cover the fender and tank, so it's a cheap alternative to paint. And if you don't like it, rip it off and no harm is done to whats under.
  9. Okey, so managed the tank aswell, did get some creases around the top bend of the fender and the gas cap, but Im getting better it at least I love that they've managed to get the cameleon effect to the vinyl, fits the forks nicely! Left now is a stylish decal in the same colour scheme!
  10. Wrapped fender, green to purple. Tried to match the forks!
  11. I've seen original ones, but I'm a tinkerer and stock is not for me. (Plus, the lady works at a sign printing shop, so, yeah, cheap for me ) So the basic outline is getting there, have to sharpen the "hooks" on the sides, but then I'm running a test print to see if I managed to keep the size correct Btw, since there are quite a few sets for the 315r, these are the model the was fitted on mine :
  12. My 315r has been thru some rougher days, the fender is replaced (from red to a grey one) and the gas tank was wrapped in a worn down carbonfiber-look-a-like vinyl when I got it. Removed the wrap and my next move is to re-wrap it with another vinyl for now (cheap and easy to fix when damaged). But the thing is, I don't want the tank and fender to be "naked" so to speak, so I want to replace the fender decal/sticker with a new one, so I scanned the one I removed from the grey fender and Are right now in the process of outlining it to get the shape right for a test print. Am I wasting my time because this has already been done or is it something that would interest the rest of you? ie a custom vector file that can be changed however you like (if it fits good I'll upload mine as a template for those who want to make their own!)
  13. I'll jump in with a related question, I have only tried a pair of Hebo boots, and they where wickedly small compared to my regular size (eu42/uk8) And now I'm looking to order a pair of wulfsport, would you say they also are "small for their size" or more normal size compared to regular shoes?
  14. broberg

    Binding Issues

    Thank you, Ordered the new plates and they also had new fork seals that I needed, so it was a no brainer to order from them!
  15. broberg

    Binding Issues

    Hi! New to trials and trial bikes. Just bought a 315R 2002, it needs some tlc like new seals for the fork legs and some looking over the rear wheel spokes (found that some where loose). BUT the main thing for me now is that I can't put it in gear with out it jumping away, and from time to time it doesn't seem to wan't to disengage fully while riding slowly. I can get it to fully disengage if I first stop it when putting my legs down and give it some revs, then it will stay disengage when the clutch is pulled. But then it can do it again after some play with the clutch while riding. The engine is recently rebuilt with new gaskets and a new crankshaft and bearings, so the fluids are brand new. I asked about the clutch when I bought it and the seller said that everything was looked at when the engine was in pieces and they thought the clutch looked okey so they didn't change anything. I've read that binding is sort of a common issue on the 315r, but I find it rather annoying. Any recommendations on what to do before I start to replace stuff? Best Regards Pierre B Sweden
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