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  1. It’s was definitely smoke rising from the front of the engine, from around the fan area. It want steam. That was the first thing I thought it was, but it was definitely smoke. I don’t know if the fan’s running because the bike won’t start. When it smoked on the trail, I walked it back to the car, which was close enough. I haven’t run the engine since. I haven’t squeezed the hoses. I’ve no idea how to do that, but I’ll find out and give it a go. I didn’t check if I was getting a spark. I didn’t know I could do that. I’ll check it in the morning. The plug was wet. I dried it off and took a wire brush to it to clean the spark end. No joy. Thanks for the help 👍
  2. Hi everyone, I was riding trails a while back when smoke started rising from the front of the engine near the forks. I’m not mechanically skilled, but a guy who was there reckoned I needed coolant. When I topped it up with coolant, hardly any went in, so I reckon that wasn’t it. Then it wouldn’t start. I cleaned the plug, but no luck. The manual asked for a NGK BR7ES plug, but when I removed the old plug, it’s a BP5ES. Plug discrepancy apart, does anyone have any idea what the smoke might have been, sand if it might be related to the engine not starting now? Thanks in advance
  3. That’s a similar weight to me. I like what I’m reading about these bikes. I see one in my near future. Even if my wife doesn’t ?
  4. What weight are you, if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. Dualta

    Arai Pro Shop

    Yeah, being honest with myself, I saw this too. I was just hoping I might hear something different/ It wasn't a cheap helmet, even here in Japan. I've identified a trials store with a decent selection of helmets an hour and a half's drive away. I'll go there to have a browse. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Cool video. What weight are you, and what power settings were you running on? I’ve seen various videos and read various reviews with widely different times being reported for how long a charge lasts. One guy in Aus reported 13 hours running max power until the low power warning light came on and then he got another six hours. It’s hard to believe, but that’s what he claims. A teenager on YouTube reported one charge lasting “all day”. The Aussie guy’s review. He talked about the battery from 4:05:
  7. Dualta

    Arai Pro Shop

    It’s a Hyper T, and I’ve an intermediate oval head. I can get it on, but it’s a little tight. The XL was too large by far. I’m wondering if the padding can be replaced to give me even just a few millimeters extra space.
  8. Dualta

    Arai Pro Shop

    I bought an L-size (59-60cm) Arai trials helmet some time ago, but it’s a little tight from front to back. All my other helmets, none of which are Arai, are the same measurement but fit well. I’ve hear Arai Pro Shop services adjust helmets to fit, but has anyone any experience of having them adjust a tight helmet to fit a larger head? I would ask the local shop directly, but I don’t speak the local language well enough yet. It’s not an english speaking country,
  9. I’ve found him on Facebook. Yeah, I’ll looks like a decent set up. I’ve a mate lives not too far from him, so I should be able to get a lift easily enough. Thanks again.
  10. Perfect answer, sir. I’ll get myself sorted when I get home. Thanks
  11. Any fellow Northern Irish folks here? I live in Asia where I can’t find an oval shaped helmet to fit me. I’ll be home in Belfast in March and I hope to find somewhere to try on and buy a helmet, but the last time I was back I couldn’t find anywhere. Can anyone tell me where in and around Belfast sells helmets? thanks in advance, D
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I’m in Japan, and my Japanese reading ability is not the best, so navigating the websites over here is not easy. That said, I found a trials supplies website that not only sells the o-rings I need, but it also has muffler padding cartridges for the Beta Rev 3, which I was surprised to find. Thanks again.
  13. The ones in the local home centre have a temp limit of 80 degrees. Plus they don’t have the size I need. Looks like I’m going to have to source the Beta ones and splash out. Thanks for your advice.
  14. I’m repacking the muffler on my Beta Rev 3, and I need to replace two O rings. This is my first time doing this, so I’m not sure if I need specialised, heat resistant O rings or can I use the common ones from the local home centre? I asked at the local home centre but they didn’t know. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks, everyone. I'll take it off tomorrow and get everything cleaned properly. It long overdue a cleaning.
  16. I’d like to get at the front sprocket to remove the gunk that has accumulated around it and the chain, but I’m a bit concerned what would happen when I take off this plastic cover. I suspect that there’s a metal plate under it and the innards won’t spill out onto the road, but I need a little bit of reassurance, because I’m a snowflake. All advice welcome.
  17. I’ve rigged up a horn with my indicator lights to make the bike road legal and replaced the headlight bulb which had long died a death. The indicators and horn are working, but the headlight is not working. Does anyone have any advice. I’m pretty much a novice with this stuff.
  18. They sure are. I’ve been to a few events and they are usually held in dedicated trials parks. The sections for the top tier riders are severe.
  19. Hi everyone, Here’s a link to the YouTube channel of a Japanese guy who seems to spend an awful lot of time touring around the country recording trials competitions. He produces an excellent set of videos for the All Japan Trials Championships every year. You can watch the finest Japanese riders competing to make the national team. If you copy and paste 全日本トライアル選手権 into the search field on his page, along with the year, you’ll get his videos for that year. It’s a neat way to spend an hour or two when the weather’s not good enough for riding His channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sumimitumaru For example:
  20. Dualta

    Beta Rev 3 tool kit?

    Does anyone have a list of tools needed for field maintenance of the Rev 3? I need to put together a small portable kit in case if problems when riding.
  21. Dualta

    Storm Graphix decals

    They're still going. I emailed them and they replied with this pic and a quote of £150 for the set and postage to Japan. I'd like to see the decals on a bike, if I could, before making the plunge.
  22. Dualta

    Storm Graphix decals

    Has anyone bought and applied this, or any other, decals set from Storm Graphix, a UK based company? If so, do you have a photograph of the bike with the decals applied? Thanks in advance.
  23. Thanks for be advice everyone. This is something I'll look at a little later, but I certainly want to soften the clutch lever to minimise hand fatigue.
  24. I read somewhere, a long time ago, that if you remove a couple of springs from the clutch, it makes it makes operation much easier and reduces finger fatigue. Can anyone enlighten me further?
  25. Cheers folks. I hadn't spotted the upgraded swing arm or rear suspension. I'll not complain about that. Do you know if the '08 owners' manual covers from '04?
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