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  1. Wheelies are great for bike control they teach you to cover the clutch and back brake and give you great throttle control
  2. go on the montesa-honda website and locate dealers
  3. canine

    311 Oil Change

    I'm not sure what the reccomended oil is, did you get the oil changed ok?
  4. canine

    311 Oil Change

    There is a drain plug underneath and the sump gaurd has a hole in it for you to drain the oil watch when tightening it back up as they some times strip the threads the top up bit is beside the kickstart and i think it takes 500ml although i run 800ml in mine i also use auto transmission fluid as i find it helps reduce the clutch drag
  5. Got stuck on the first question But that's it done
  6. canine

    4rt Won't Start.

    Now that's quality service, I've got to say my mont usually goes wrong a couple of days before we've organised to go practice and Sandifords always get me the bits out asap, bit off topic but credit where credits due cheers
  7. canine

    315 Or 4rt

    I saw it Thats what got me thinking about the 4rt instead but it does seem cheap, its road registered so it's unlikely to be stolen but maybe its got outstanding finance?
  8. canine

    315 Or 4rt

    Cheers i've got an older montesa(311) so i know the main points for servicing the 2stroke but i was told the 4stroke needed much more maintanance, But i suppose what will be saved in 2stroke oil will pay for oil and filter for the 4rt
  9. canine

    315 Or 4rt

    Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's? I'm going to upgrade would like a 4rt but what's the service costs? ie: oil filter? fuel filter(if its got one) i'm also looking at a 315 (2004) so what's the differance for routine maintanance? Any help or advice would be great cheers
  10. I just changed the rear on my bike and never took it past 30psi. I had problems getting the bead to seat but a wee bit of WD and a ratchet strap rite round the middle of the tyre did the job oh and a lot of patience..
  11. Sounds like some one is making a bike trailer? the diameter of both tyres are the same because the front is a smaller profile from the back my tyres are not new but both measure (approx) 28" diameter so if you are making a bike trailer or similar then somewhere about 24" would be ok i would think as you obviously dont want to make it the same as the full diameter or you'll be sitting on the swingarm/fork legs.. hope this helps,
  12. canine

    Oy Rappers!

    What ever happened to "it's not the winning but the taking part that counts" ?
  13. As far as i am aware you must join a club to be able to apply for a competition license( you need this to compete) Once you have your comp license i think you can compete in other clubs trials, just pay the entry fee It may be different for you but in scotland that seems to be the way it goes
  14. I cant remember where but i read an article on two stroke fuel mixes and the article said that running too much oil can be as bad as not enough, The theory is that if you run too much oil the engine runs alot hotter and will burn or hole the piston etc.. personally i would run the reccomended mix, which for the 290 is 50:1 i think, two of my friends have 290's and they both run at 50:1 without problems,
  15. As far as i know they are not doing trials stuff anymore,
  16. canine

    Revving Problems

    cheers folks, i just heard the 2001 bike did it again at the weekend and blew up, i fitted a stronger spring on the 2003 one and it doesn't seem so bad still does it though, we have stripped the carb's on both bikes and cleaned them on several occasions airboxes too but we shall keep trying
  17. canine

    Revving Problems

    I just wondered if anyone has experienced any problems with the 290 revving itself??, I have a montesa but two of my friends have 290's (2003 + 2001) and they both seem to revv up themselves it doesn't happen all the time but does happen enough so if anyone can help or has had the same problem please let me know Cheers.
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