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  1. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    I feel like too much is being read into this. I’d imagine Beta have no vacancy for new Trial GP riders at the moment, being committed to Dabill and Cabes. Perhaps RG didn’t want to/couldn’t renew Toby’s contract (maybe some conflict of interest with Matteo being Trial 2 champ), or perhaps he just got a good offer from Beta. Either way, he’s probably not moved up because there isn’t a team who are looking to field another Trial GP rider right now.
  2. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    What’s that got to do with this topic??
  3. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    I'm disappointed in this too. Sounded like he had a competitive ride with the big boys at the TdN, and he looked fantastic in the video's I saw of him. Not sure I'd say it's glory hunting, he doesn't strike me as the type to be interested in that. I can see the argument in having another year more or less dominating Trial2 to cement his confidence, but on the other hand moving up has had a steady positive influence on Jack Price's riding.
  4. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    What’s the point of that? It’s frustrating whenever this ‘restrict the bikes’ notion comes up. Do we want future generations of riders to look at trials as an old fashioned sport with no wow factor to inspire them to pursue it? What has bike development got to do with this situation in any way??
  5. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    Agree, just meaning to point out that the stop might be contestable, but hitting a marker is a very distinct fail. 👍
  6. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    All the discussion about stop or not is missing the point. His back wheel rode over the flag.
  7. worlez

    Toby Martyn

  8. worlez

    Toby Martyn

    Watch the video in half-speed playback. At 13:22 he jumps up on to the rock - as his back tire squirms left before his corrective hops it hits a red and white flag just behind the bush. You can see the flag spring back as he hops the bike to the right. I think thats what the observer has fived him for.
  9. worlez

    Beginning of the end?

    I don't think you can call it the beginning of the end, although the pressure must be higher for Bou than in previous years. However, he's clearly not just a tremendous rider but also a fantastic sportsman and I think is very capable of dealing with pressure. He often says what Dougie used to say about preferring difficult trials so that he can exploit his advantages more. Just watched the TrialGP coverage. Few of my thoughts... Good on Fajardo for winning. Don't know why people are dismissive of him, he looked pretty humble and grateful for his win to me. His scoresheet was very impressive, I don't think it's any more complicated that he just had a really good ride and kept his nerve. Bou still looked like the most accomplished rider. His cleans were tidier than Fajardo's and Busto's. He did admit that his confidence is lower since the back injury, and I can understand that as you get older. Dibs and Fuji have both mentioned they have to pay more attention to physical conditioning these days to prevent injury. I still don't think Busto takes it 100% seriously yet. Technically he can be very effective, but it's either all or nothing and he's not the most tactical of riders. Raga's competitive attitude will allow him to keep Busto at bay for a while longer. Also, Busto isn't really offering anything new to the riding-style; he's basically just a younger Toni. Compared to Tarres, Dougie and Bou (who all reinvented the riding style for their generation) I don't think Busto is offering anything progressive. If he does end up dominating I don't think it will be for as long as Toni has. He hasn't struggled with the move from Honda to GG as much as I thought he would. I really hope Cabes get's some good places. He's still such a talented rider and seems like a good sport also, so I hope he get's a couple of the results he's hoping for. Just my opinions. Really enjoying the media coverage from Jitsie and TrialGP and hope it continues in this direction.
  10. This is the one that always makes me wince!
  11. I should just add, I meant good obstacles in the context of a challenging and technical section!
  12. Totally agree, and it starts to get a bit repetitive especially since Bou is so strong with it. I thought the obstacles that Bou and Gelabert crashed on were good and have no complaints about them, but in hindsight should the FIM be looking at crash mats under sections? And would Bou's injury be less severe had that section been made of wood?
  13. Same here, must be a stressful situation for Toni. Fingers crossed for a smooth recovery. Was this event being run under the same rules as the X-Trial, with the 6 minute time limit?