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  1. triangle

    2019 gearing?

    The 18 and 19 bikes both have 10/39 gearing as standard. The reason given was that the chain goes round more linear than having 42t on the back and this has been developed by the factory riders who are running the 10/39 gearing. I altered mine to 10/42 so I could ride in 2nd and 3rd but I'm now on 11/42 on my 19 bike so I can ride in 1st and it is very good. It is very similar to a Beta 2nd gear though and is only a fraction lower. Unfortunately as has been stated, it is expensive to alter and requires a new chain and rear sprocket.
  2. triangle

    New Gas Gas 280

    400 ml of light gear oil is the correct measurement. Putoline or Rock Oil both good