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  1. blow_away

    Bash hats

    Plus, you can get a new liner for the Airoh if the old one gets a bit saggy, 30 quid ?
  2. blow_away

    Bash hats

    After riding my first trial last week, I knew that my old crash helmet was ready for the bin, spent most of the ride pushing it up to stop it covering my eyes. Yesterday I managed to sneak off work early, and went to BVM to try some on. The Airoh was my favorite, felt the lightest of the bunch, comfortable and best ventilation. The Hebo was good, but felt heavier. The MOTS was a nice surprise, the fit was very snug, to the point that it was hard to hear the guy in the shop talking, but it didn't have the feel of quality like the Airoh or the Hebo. Top marks for BVM, put up with all my numpty questions, wide range to choose from, I'm not one for the flashy graphics so got my helmet in plain black. I bought a stand too :-)
  3. blow_away

    Service Manuals

    http://www.sherco.com/manuals.html the above only covers the very basics but might be useful.
  4. One rule I try to adhere by is to be invisible. Don't leave the garage door open when washing the car/mowing the lawn/whatever. My van doesn't have any stickers on it. Keep your trailer out of sight. Passersby don't know what I've got, and I like to keep it that way.
  5. blow_away

    Bash hats

    I could do with a new crash helmet, I like the idea of the Shoei TR3 as I use Shoei on my road bikes and they've saved my life in the past. But 1050 grams sounds a little heavy for trials? The Hebo Zone 4 Carbon is listed as 950g, albeit that's got a carbon fibre shell. Anyway, what do you guys recommend? A removable / washable liner is going to be an important factor, I'm quite sweaty ?
  6. New to this forum and interested in the concept of e-trials. Is there anywhere in the UK that I could go to try one out? I'd prefer one without a clutch, due to disability in my left arm and hand.
  7. Re. the ratchet straps, I prefer to put these through the bottom yoke rather than over the handlebar. You can end up pulling down with more force than you realise, so go round a strong component.
  8. Morning all I want to use my trials bike more in 2019, this year I'll be doing less on the superbikes and more muddy ? thought I'd join to get the lowdown from the voices of experience. Merry Christmas guys
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