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  1. I went out today on my new bike for the first time ( beta evo 300 factory). 3 hours and I feel Old lol. I have a bad back anyway and have golfers elbow and my right knee is iffy , God am I aching and I am only 50 years old ?. Lots of strong pain killers and muscle relaxant pills for me. Good job I have them for my back?. But what a nice day. Bit dangerous doing it on my own might have to find a club or something. If they exist
  2. Well took the bike out today for the first time very happy with the bike. Glad I put the slow throttle on as without it I think one or two times I could have gone sky wards ???. Only out for 3 hours but god do I feel it. Forgot how bad my back is and with golfers elbow I as well I feel like an old man ?. Lots of pain killers and muscle relaxers for me. Thanks for all the info everyone . Had to get a tyre pressure gauge 0 to 15 psi thought my tyres were set right at 3 rear and 5 front . checked with the new gauge I bought after the ride at my local trials shop and they were at 6 and 8. Back brake was also crap. bike was still on the Oem pads and have been told they are to hard by my local trials shop ?. Put some red pads in ( forgot the name of them galfer I think )much better now. For any novice riders out there like me. I do not find the 300 to much bike at all. To be honest the slow throttle makes a big difference I think plus I have the 10T and 42T sprocket set up. And had it on the dry map setting.. one thing I would like to ask you all. How often should the fork oil be changed on these bikes. I am guessing this bike has never had it done. 2014 bike. Will be doing it myself.
  3. It’s not hard to do mate. Just make sure you put a rag in the top of the engine as you lift the head so nothing can fall into the engine. The rest is simple just take your time, As long as you know your way around a tool box you will be fine.
  4. Thanks for info pindie I checked my sprockets front is 10T and rear is 42T so all good there. It has a fast throttle so changed that to black so hope bike is set up right for me now. What would the recommend tyre pressure be for riding in the woods and going over small,stuff to start with think my sherco was 4 and 6 psi but can not remember to be honest.
  5. I have done an oil change today and used 75W light gear oil. See how that goes. I remember 2 years ago using 4 stroke oil in my sherco 290 recommended by a good trials shop ?. To be honest starting to think to many bloody choices ?. Simple with my road bikes. Anyway lads thanks for in put. But guess oil is just like bike tyres, everyone has an opinion on what’s best but guess it’s just down to what you like or trust. Thanks again
  6. Hope I am riding at 68. I take my hat of to her
  7. If bike was new I would not have asked, but thanks for your reply .All sorted now I did an oil change there was 50ml to much oil in it. Dropped it all out and re filled it to just over half way in the window and it took 490ml. Least I know it’s right now, also took shock off and wheels re Greased everything and checked it all over. Very happy with the bike. Really is mint. Does not look like it has ever been trialled. I was told it had never been trialled. Was not a cheap evo for year but better than 18 plates I see listed so happy man. Thanks for info lads
  8. I would just put her on a 125 straight away My wife asked could she come out on the back with me when I went out on my road bikes my reply was over my dead body if you want to come out with me do your test. I got her a 125cc bike, then took her down a private road I taught her the basics then got her to do the CBT we put her in for her bike test after 8 weeks she passed now rides an FZ8 and not slow either. Also wanted a go at trials riding. So took her to inch perfect for a days trials riding she loved it and had more bottle than most the lads that were in the same group. In the Deep end best way, that’s what we would do and they are no different . Have a bit of faith ?
  9. Top man that’s what I was given at a trials shop Putoline light gear 75w
  10. Thanks mate I thought they had over filled it. Don’t think I should run it to warm up ,if they have over filled it by a lot

    Oil levels

    I have just picked up my beta evo 300 factory from a shop they sold it to me fully serviced. BUT. They are not a trials bike shop. Anyway I know it’s meant to take 550ml but will only put in around 500ml to allow for what will be left in the engine. The thing I want ask is the oil window is full and even if I lean the bike over I can not see the oil drop down. Now I might be wrong but should the oil fill the hole window or should it only be half way up the window as I think they have filled it to much. I will be dropping it out tomorrow anyway as I do not trust it’s been done right. Obviously I will find out tomorrow once I have dropped the oil out and checked how much is there. What I am asking is with the bike standing level should the oil fill the window. Or sit half way down so I can see the level which is what I think. Any info would be appreciated
  12. Hi everyone Just a quick question. whats the best engine oil to use in these beta evo 300 bikes. I just picked up some Putoline light gear 75W for now. but is there any better stuff that everyone uses.I will be doing the oil change every 5 hours no matter what. thanks in advance
  13. thanks for the heads up .i will do that. I am mad to get out again on a trials bike. when i pick it up it comes fully serviced but you know you have to re do it yourself to make sure its done right.
  14. Hi everyone New to trials at 50.
  15. Top man. will check it when i pick the bike up.also Road and trials bike shop is not far from me so can always pop in and ask. I remember going over a tree at inch perfect 2 years ago one minute i was looking at the tree to ride over (3 foot high ) the next flying though the air like a bird then hitting the ground like a brick all in a split second lol did that hurt my pride or what.
  16. Thanks mightyclub I always look after my bikes so no problems there. I changed the oil on my sherco every 5 hours of use and did filter after every ride and every 10 hours of use, stripped it right back and greased everything. I have road bikes as well and do all my own jobs on them. I guess like a lot of bikers working on the bikes is half the fun. Off round Lochness again next month for 5 days of riding over apple cross pass and so on. How is the beta on the road say going from place to place. i take it you would not want to be on a road long and guess its not good for the bike, Not that i intend to road ride it. PS how will i know if the bike already has a black or slow throttle tube on it. will it say so or is it easy to tell. if i get one will i need a new cable or is it just a straight swap. sorry for stupid question but i really do not know to much about these bikes. I will get up to speed fast i hope with a bit of help
  17. Thanks for the info lads really helps. I take it the low compression head is the S3 ones i see on bikes. is it just a straight swap.and thanks majesty for the parkwood link.
  18. Hi everyone Would love to pick your brains a bit if pos. I have just bought a 2013 Beta 300 evo factory. that has had next to no use at all really does look almost as new (one owner) Anyway I am new to trials riding really had a sherco 290 about 2 years ago for local woods only used it around 15 times then sold it. I missed taking the thing out now and then so bought this Beta to get back into it. And yes i know it will most likely be to much bike for me and should have probably bought a 200 or 250 but us men know best bigger is better lol. Anyway is there any thing i should know about the beta pros and cons (bit late now i know) Anything i should do to it or any mods i can do to it to help me with the riding of it. I am 50 and don't bounce as well as i used to, so would like to try and stay on it ;). I will never be able to do the real hard stuff. but like to have a go and I want to get better if i can..What i would really like to know . is the beta 300 a good bike (I know Beta and sherco are the best to buy). I was looking for a sherco factory but the condition and low use of the beta did it for me. and as i really look after my bikes it was a no brainer for me as i will keep it that way. thanks in advance for any info on the Beta. PS also any good places to ride. been to bumpy in Leeds before bit small but ok. is there any good woods or trails that are legal to ride.my bike is road registered.
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