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  1. There is a new owner for Sherco/Scorpa importer in USA my local dealer said they will order the TY125 Classic for a dealer/customer but will not stock it.
  2. I have one and it pulls me, at 200 pounds, around just fine I have ridden it at 7,000 ft with out any problems. Great bike for new/old rider.
  3. Spanish Fly makes a good spark arrestor for Trials bikes you can order from Lewisportusa.
  4. Chris Johnson in OK is the rider you are looking for he is on FB also look for Jon Stoodley in OK also on FB. NEOTT is the OK club he rides with.
  5. There is a Honda Xl185 trials special on the FB page "trials bikes for sale USA. Was used in the AHRMA Modern Classic events.
  6. It is a Bolger Long Travel made by Joe Bolger from Mass.. Stock Plunkers were modified and sold as BLT Plunkers.
  7. There will be a two day trial for twin shock bikes at the Mosteller Ranch at Casper, Wyoming. September 3rd and 4th put on my the Wyoming Motorcycle Trials Association, WMTA you can find more information on their website and face book page.
  8. When is Cobra Moto going to make a trials bike?. Bill
  9. Ryan Young Products www.rypusa.com is the USA importer for Sherco trials bikes they can help you with parts and your clutch problem.
  10. I have an unfinished bash plate for another bike that might work with modifications. It is 3/16 alloy 8" wide and 18" long it has a 45 bend about 4" from front end. You may be able to modify by welding wings on to make it wider. I can bring it to the vintage trials at Huffman farms. Also try bikeboneyard.com 406 240 5749 some time they have TY's for parts or they may know of a cover from another model that might fit.
  11. The Reflex cable will not work you may be able to use a cable from the TL125/250.
  12. They are looking for expert trials riders to help deliver supplies into the cut off mountain towns in the Lyons, CO area the FS/BLM will only allow trials riders/bikes into the area.
  13. ivsforever

    Ty80 Forks

    Try Forking by Frank they can make any fork tube 847-475-1003
  14. Ariel Winters and her dad rode in the past and I think her dad put on some trials in ARK. and had a dealership but do not know if they are still involved in trials.
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