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  1. wrc

    Montesa Manuals

    I had the link but it was a webpage to pay to download or upload documents. I couldnt find the PDF for the Montesa Manuals. What do montesa reccomend for Gearbox oil?
  2. wrc

    Montesa Manuals

    Does anyone know where I can acquire a manual or workshop manual for a 03 315 250CC Cota? Thanks in advance WRC
  3. wrc

    Buying A Montesa

    Thinking of purchasing an 04 250cc Montesa 315R. Does anyone have any tips on what to look out for when buying one of these. Any other pros and cons with this bike? Thanks in advance WRC
  4. Apologies for me going off the topic here, but what does 315 mean with regards to the Monesa. Does it mean 315cc?
  5. My advice..........stick with what the manufacturers manuals state........you wont go wrong!
  6. Go onto the Sherco websites and you can download the manuals.........and tech info.........nothing to loose........but i use the oil they recommend. Its very good and the bike cleans out well
  7. Hi What mix ratio are you running on, and what two stroke oil are you using?
  8. wrc

    Chain Tensioning

    Hello, When putting the wheel back on my sherco, how much tension should there be in the top part of the the chain? Thanks WRC
  9. Yes drained it out and have put in a mix at 70:1................it clears out nice..............did a trial today and the bike was great. Cheers bud WRC
  10. can you explain this further, i thought TTS was one of the best out there? The bike seemed to be sluggish, wasnt running right, a little rich at 1:60. I mixed it in with the blue stuff, hence thats why i'm asking the question to get the original oil.
  11. Thanks for the help. Do you tend to use the smokeless/low smoke type, fully synthetic? Thanks
  12. Hi just got a different bike and it has about just under a full tank of fuel. The mixture is blue in colour. Bit of a stupid question I know.........But would anyone know what this make of two stroke oil maybe? I want to stick with the same one as I found my bike does not take to TTS. Thanks in advance WRC
  13. wrc

    Sherco Maintenance

    Picked up a Sherco 250 2003 today...........just a few questions. Any particular make of geabox oil to use? Do you tend to stick to a 50:1 premix for fuel or thin it down a bit more? Any other maintenance knowledge of the sherco would be much appreciated.
  14. wrc

    Gas Gas Advice

    I'm thinking of trading in my current bike for another and just wanted some advice on a GAS GAS either 200 or 250. Could someone tell me the differences between a TXT and a PRO one. Also thinking of getting the bike between 2003 to 2006/7........any pros and cons? It maybe a stupid question but it would give me some idea on what to look for on buying a gas gas? Thanks WRC
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