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  1. bwc352

    Ty175 Manual

    Thank you!
  2. Logan competes in District 6 (Pennsylvania). He was the advanced class champ in 2008: http://www.trialscentral.com/cms/showartic...?articleID=4541 And is doing battle in the expert class this year: http://d6trials.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/9/4..._6_22_20091.pdf Very nice kid and obviously, an utterly amazing rider.
  3. He had low score at round one also, with a score of 1. Three low scores out of four events. Pretty impressive!
  4. I suspect that the results from the Round 3 Pro Shootout have a typo, where they used the number of cleans from the first two rounds, rather than their scores. But I'm not sure. Can somebody confirm whether it was simply a mistake? http://www.natctrials.org/results/09_rnd3_pro_so.pdf
  5. Thanks all! Your advice and optimism meshes with what I had been thinking. I'll relay the advice and hope he does OK with it. He's a nice kid and it would be good to have another rider in our general vicinity.
  6. I'm trying to help out a kid who recently acquired an air-cooled 2-stroke trials bike and then ran it without any oil. His father assured the kid that the bike was a 4-stroke because he found a plug that said "oil" in the engine. Of course, that was for the transmission oil! So, the kid filled the tank up with straight gas and started the bike up. After a while, he apparently became worried about the strange popping and pinging noises he said he heard coming from the cylinder. At that point he shut the engine down. He later called me to see if I knew why his engine would be making such strange noises. Adding to the problem, was the fact that the bike had been previously drained of all it's fuel because it had been put in long term storage. So, there wasn't even a little bit of premix left in the bike's carb. I don't know how severe the engine noise was, or how long it was run, or whether it was truly shut off, rather than stalling or seizing. He said it was shut off, so if true, it at least didn't seize. The kid doesn't have the means or ability to easily take the top end apart. He just wants to now add premix and try to start it again. I suggested that he wait while I tried to track down some advice for him. What's the best approach for him to take right now? I'm thinking he has to not only drain the tank, but also the carb bowl, to speed up the delivery of oil to the engine. But are there any other steps that could easily be taken by a kid without much mechanical ability in this situation that would help lessen any additional damage to the engine? Maybe something like dropping a few drops of 2-stroke oil down the spark plug hole?? I'll relay whatever advice I get to him and hope for the best for him. Thanks.
  7. bwc352

    Gale Petro

    Gale Petro passed away this past Saturday, March 15th, while practicing for the upcoming trials season. While the autopsy has not yet been completed, initial indications are that he most likely died from either a massive heart attack or an aneurysm. My attempts to resuscitate him were unfortunately unsuccessful. His family and friends take great solace in the fact that he died while doing what he truly loved: riding a trials bike. Gale, more widely known as "the Turtle" competed in trials for 30 years. He established a well known motorcycle repair shop, known as Team Turtle Racing, and supported many motocross, hare scramble, GNCC, and trials riders in their competitive pursuits. According to stories that he relayed to me, his addiction to observed trials began when he attended the 1978 World Round at Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania, and immediately fell in love with the sport. He primarily competed in AMA District 6 and also the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials (MAVT) series. However, he also competed in many other districts and series, and I wanted to make sure that all of his many friends knew of his passing. His most recent accomplishments included the 2006 District 6 Senior 35 championship, the 2005 MAVT Twin B championship, and the 2006 MAVT Advanced B Championship. The viewing will be held on Friday, March 21st, at the Dorothy Talipski Funeral home, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, from 5 to 7 p.m. Directions to the funeral home for those wishing to pay their last respects can be found at the MAVT website ( www.mavt.org ). Gale was an extremely generous and kind person, who loved his family, his friends, and his hobby of trials riding. He will be greatly missed by all. Please keep his wife, Lucy, and his family in your prayers and thoughts. Brian
  8. Never mind! I knew that as soon as I gave up my search and posted a query, that I'd stumble across it! It's a CanAm MX engine. Thanks.
  9. Would anyone be able to identify a Bombardier engine by it's serial number? I'm trying to identify a Bombardier engine that I was told came from a CanAm motorcycle. Its serial number is 75242. I've struck out in my web search. I wasn't sure where to post this query, but decided this forum might be the best because of the SWM/Bombardier connection. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the info. That MX video was great. It's too bad there's no video of him doing trials on youtube or putfile. The logs that he jumped on the trialstv video were at least as impressive as the jumps on the putfile MX video. It's too bad most of you can't get to watch him doing trials. Maybe if anyone has any video of him, they can upload it. Thanks again!
  11. I was watching one of my trialstv dvds (2002 Volume 2 to be precise) and when I got to the "Crash and Burn" vintage section I again marveled at how great the one-armed guy rode. The video was from about 1994. For those of you who haven't seen it, his arm was amputated above the left elbow. It looked like he had both the clutch and brake levers mounted on the right bar, and had a leather loop attached to his left bar to apparently help him pull the bike around. It was truly impressive. Next time I blame my poor riding on a tweaked wrist or thumb, I'll keep him in mind. Anyway, the reason I'm posting is I'm wondering if anyone knows who he was. I'd be interested in knowing who he was and where he rode, etc., and if he's still around, salute him (I hope that doesn't sound too corny!).
  12. I recently bought it and it does have 3 hours and 40 minutes of content on it, which is a definite positive. I don't have any other recent Duke videos, but I would judge the editing and commentating to be acceptable, but not great. At times the editing made it hard to follow the flow, and the commentary was somewhat bland, but overall it was OK. I can't believe I'm saying this because usually I couldn't care less about things like background music, but the music really bugged me. They seemed to have found unusually grating and irritating music to play between segments and at the beginning and end. In my opinion they could use it to replace waterboarding. But overall, well worth it.
  13. Is Taddy "allowed" to beat Knight this time?
  14. This post is not so much about David Knight who I know is an astonishing rider, and who I suspect and hope is not the jerk he recently appeared to be. Nor is it about the less than mature comments by his fan base. It's instead about the whole issue of "team orders" which has long bothered me. By now everyone knows that Knight embarassed himself by acting like a petulant child when he lost the Endurocross final. But I found myself more bothered by Knight's resulting excuses, which reignited a pet peeve of mine: why do most motorsports associations openly condone "team tactics"? Knight has openly stated that his anger was directed at KTM for them allowing -- horror of all horrors -- another rider to compete against him. Didn't the fans pay to see the riders compete? Isn't that why it's called competition? I know that it would be nearly impossible to effectively police and thus fully preclude the existence of team orders, but team orders calling for one rider to purposely lose to another seems to me to be unsportmanlike, and an overt rip off of spectator money. It would be like having the Eagles and Cowboys owned by the same owner in the NFL, and saying that purposely having the Cowboys lose to the Eagles in order for the Eagles win a particularly important game would be OK. It's not. If I had paid the money to go to Las Vegas to watch the Endurocross, I would have been livid to watch Blazusiak dutifully follow Knight around so Knight could win, a la team orders. I believe team orders are disgustingly unsportmanslike and an affront to the fans. When I go to a motorcycle event, I want to watch to see who is the most skillful rider. If I wanted to watch something scripted that was still called a sport, I would go watch professional wrestling. For me to hear Knight imply that his massive temper tantrum was justified because KTM screwed up by not telling Blazusiak that he was supposed to lose to Knight infuriates me. I believe that formula 1 implemented a ban on team orders because a few years back Ruebens Barrichello (sp?) was told to let Michael Schumacher pass him, and did so by purposely slowing to almost a stop in the last corner to demonstrate the unfair and unsportsmanlike nature of "team orders". And couldn't the case be made that it's illegal? I'm presuming that since the final was held in Las Vegas, there was betting on the outcome and official odds established by the Casinos. How could odds be established for riders if the results are partially pre-established? Doesn't the state gaming commission prosecute people who purposely alter the outcome of sporting events in that state? Anyway, I hope that the next time they compete again, Blazusiak outrides Knights again, and if he was told to let Knight win, he does so in the same fashion that Barrichello did. Or better yet, if our overall sport isn't respectful enough to their fans to outlaw blantant team orders which produce untruthful results, I hope that the roles are reversed next year. Here's to hoping that Taddy takes the lead in next year's Endurocross series, and that KTM instructs Knight to not dare actually compete with him. But more importantly, here's to hoping that our sport adopts formula 1's stance on team orders and outlaws them. If not, truth in advertising seems to dictate that advertising for future events should have footnotes indicating who is truly competing vs. those who won't be allowed to win the event. Just my two cents worth....
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