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  1. beaver

    08 Carb Probs

    Mixture screw is big silver one on wire! Tickover is small black plastic one!
  2. saunderSEXtremesports customers will be asking for the new line in adult toys to be demonstrated by Ladyboy Heath! It brings a whole new meaning to DIRT BIKE Show!!!
  3. Aaaaah. It all makes sense now. Glad you cleared that up.
  4. Oh! I didn't realise Airfix would be there. Thought it was just bikes n things.
  5. Heya camp mama!!!

    Give me aring soonn!!!!

  6. Nope, can't betray a mate!
  7. Barry, I have been working on the "WHOTR - SOTR" Rule! But, if pushed, I will be seriously tempted to get them out for all to see! Zander, thanks for the pic but they weren't as fit as the fire fighters or maybe it was just the uniform ..........(sigh).
  8. Oooooh, hasn't the Luurrrrvv Puppy gotten brave?! Remember I have THE photos from Hawkstone!
  9. Has anybody got any photos of the extremely good looking fire fighters that attended the scene?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nae deid jist things hiv bin a bit feil ya ken! Spending my time travelling up and down the country giving comfort to kamikaze riders from the South of England.
  11. Hey 3rd Son. Got any Repsol stickers on those crutches yet? Glad to see that you're doing well and it won't be long before you're back in action. X
  12. Highland Lassie - Didn't realise you were a vodka girl. Plenty in my van too! Will see you there for a drink or two, or three or ....................... Yes, Bigfoot and Matt, you ARE invited (we know you're vodka girls). Or is it you just like vodka AND girls?! Jen - Can we stay on Fri nite or just the Sat?
  13. It's pants! First time we will miss Hawkstone! I'm going to turn my phone off on the Saturday nite. Dont want calls telling me how great it is (Andy, Kinell, Bigfoot)!
  14. Will be there all week. Let me know where and when and we'll join you for a few lemonades. You know I'm not a fan of alcohol!
  15. OK, maybe it was a bit personal, but three motorhome owners in Scotland took your comments very personally. Colin.......(equally Broad Shoulders)
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