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  1. Police have reported that with further observation, it turns out the lion in Essex is just a snow leopard with a spray tan and hair extensions.
  2. Great news that the kids have their bikes back. Hopefully the Sherco will turn up too.
  3. No not just scramblers, there is a fun trial near Fordinbridge tomorrow , however it seems entries closed a few days ago. 3pm start at Damerham.
  4. wasntme

    Starting Problem

    Have you done the basics and cleaned the carb out? I've had similar issues on my 02 and it looks like I had some muck somewhere for about the last 6 months. I've cleaned it and cleaned it, maybe time for new jets for me. The bike usually starts first kick in the garage, yet I get it to a trial and it runs for about 2 seconds in the car park then blurghhh. Sods law. Sometimes it floods and sometimes its dry as a bone. My slapdash cure has always been putting a little fuel down the plug hole to start it then it seems fine all day. Its a pain getting to the plug when the tank doesn't fit properly. Leaving the fuel on for the journey to the trial has been one cure lately which perhaps suggests a lack of fuel when its been stood. I'd be interested to see what suggestions you get as this may help me out too! Rich
  5. The sequel to Trials HD is about to be released in the next couple of months. Its Trials Evolution. I have never played any of them but thought this may excite some of you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1LeDh6p0S6I I can't remember how to embed the video.. doh
  6. My Mrs needs her rack raising a bit, she said its giving her back ache now. (Had a baby last year) I'll tell her being upside down might help. P.S nice looking project
  7. So Fabio Capello resigns as the England manager. An Italian quitting a sinking ship, who would of thought it....
  8. Hi Lennie, Waterside JMCC and Waltham Chase have a club trial every month within a few miles of where you are staying. Both have great websites and show last years results online for some sort of comparison. http://www.watersidejmcc.org.uk/ http://www.walthamchasetrials.co.uk/index.asp The Waltham Chase website gives provisional dates for the Southern Centre Championship and names of the other clubs in the centre. 12th February Ringwood, 4th March Bridport & Weymouth, 1st April Alton, 29th April XHG Tigers, 20th May Waltham Chase, June 3rd Alton, July 1st Waltham Chase, September 2nd Waltham Chase, September 9th XHG Tigers, October 28th Southampton and District, December 30th Ringwood These are generally the most competitive and have fuller entries. Do you know what dates you will be down here? Cheers Rich
  9. A man phones an Airfix shop and asks if he has a model of an Italian cruise ship, the owner says, yes I've just one left, the man says, can you put it to one side for me... Paddy and Murphy are on a cruise ship. Paddy says, "It's awfully quiet on deck tonight." Murphy says, "Everyone will be watching the band." Paddy says, "There isn't a band playing tonight." So Murphy says, "I definitely heard someone say, 'a band on ship.'"
  10. I think god misunderstood Amy Winehouse when she asked for speed
  11. On both wheels instead! No big jumps allowed and no locking the brakes either.
  12. Maybe someone can invent a device that beeps when the front wheel stops moving. A speedo sensor could be adapated. That way the rider knows he's stopped, as do the crowd and crucially the observer does too. The importers could supply at cost price to help promote no stop if this is their worry?
  13. Balancing on 2 wheels is hard enough! Your link has a full stop at the end so does not work, try http://www.photobysergio.fr/jimmy-video-rudolphe.html
  14. I've done the same, IRC rear kept coming off the rim, when it did it in a trial someone gave me a tube, its been in since. I took the tubeless valve out and popped in the tube in the car park. I've done about 15 trials on it with no problems. (Touch wood)
  15. Yeh take it off the front wheel at the caliper or at the bars, that way you are not interfering with the brakes. Just be careful where the loose cable and caliper hang to ensure they are not bent or snagging.
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