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  1. Check This Out I Hope this works
  2. Theres a couple knocking around on the isle of man. 250 and a 300
  3. if its the same problem i had with mine it sounds like the top hat. Fairly simple to change if i remember correctly. Can you still change gear if you return the gear leaver to the center?
  4. Hi Im heading down to the intercenter this year with our lads and was just wondering were the actual venue is. I know its in cornwall but dont seem to be able to find any more information about it. Whats the venue like? Were abouts in cornwall is it? Thanks In Advance Daymo
  5. daymoiom

    Early Rev3

    Cheers Lads, I'll have a look tonight!!
  6. daymoiom

    Early Rev3

    Does anyone know where the thermostat is on the early Rev3's Thanks
  7. Hi all, Just a little question, ive been hearing a few rumors latley about scorpa going bust? Does anyone know if these are true? Cheers
  8. Good Shout! Would of made sense really cheers!! One more quick question!! what oil mixture is everyone using? Is 80-1 on fully and 70-1 on semi correct?
  9. Hey I know this topic has been talked about before but i cant find it so first things first i want to say sorry for bringing it back up... BUT Ive got a 08 270 beta, what are the settings of the carb? on high revs mine seems beautiful but low down its seems a little wispery. Any Help would be great Ta Daymo
  10. daymoiom

    08 Carb Probs

    I dunno its runs to rich all the time, the needle was right up when i got it so ive dropped it two levels!! just ask your mate when he next takes his carb off what jets he is using and what level the needle is on so i can compare!!! Cheers Daymo
  11. daymoiom

    08 Carb Probs

    Have had my new 08 for 3 weeks now an are having some problems with the way it is running. Was just wondering if anyone else has a 270 and if there having problems?? if not can i ask what set up you have? Like the Needle Hight and what jets your using?
  12. daymoiom

    Lime Green Beta

    Yer yer no worries mate!! You'll have to send me a good copy of it, like that picture!!
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