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  1. There has not been any for at least the last 6 years Regards Dougie
  2. Try calling them again, you will probably get a different engineer that may let the rules slide . If not just get an independant installer to fit it.. Thet don,t have H&S rules like Sky.. Can't blame the engineer as he is only protecting his job ! You would not believe how much red tape there is .
  3. fit fit fit... mmmm mmmm mmmm... oh and the bike is ok I suppose
  4. Thanks for that... How much are they approx ? what about the pocket tiny tach, no connections required... how the hell does that work ....
  5. Thanks for that Addict.. Just got round to having a look.. My second question... Is there a cheap device that I can buy to accuratley measure the tick over RPM.. If so , what is it called, where from, how to use ???? Cheers Dougie
  6. Not had time yet... too many fiddles going off... Will update you as soon as i have pal..
  7. Cheers mate, I will have a play tomorrow... Love the bike, just will take time getting used to it,,, it nearly caught me out the other day with a step... but hopefully I will gwt there.. once again thanks,.. regards Dougie
  8. Hi, Forgive my ignorance, but how or can you turn down the tick over on my 4rt, it seems to be running too fast, only been out on it twice and to start with it struggled on tick over, i am presuming it was very tight, but ow it seems to be too fast... !st 4 bangere for me and I have not got a clue.. any help is much appreciated. thanks in advance Dougie
  9. dougie pumpkin

    4rt Manual

    Hi, Could you please email me the pdf, as I have opened my own Topic, but to no avail... I doubt there will be that much differnce. Regards Dougie
  10. Yes it was new... Had a new Beta every year for years... Lampkins service is second to none in my opinion..
  11. Hi, Does anyone know where I can find one of the above please, or download ? bought the bike on Friday , but the shop could not find the manual.. Contacted Sandifordsi but they was not that helpful and said they only get one per bike, so was unable to help..All help appreciated. Regards Dougie
  12. Like I have said before they are not the most organised of clubs. On the results here they do not even have the totals of each rider on the hard route ! And even on thier own website there are no results at all, yet again.... Doh !!!!!
  13. Like I said, NOT the most organised club... No mention of the Jackwood on their own site ! But there is a mention of the Stocksbridge trial in which you said "is not a Hillsborough event " Isn't Hillsborough MCC and Stocksbridge MCC run by the same people, who meet every Wednesday in the same pub ? You are right about not being the sharpest tool in the box
  14. I couldn't give a monkeys what your dad does . Not quick enough I wasn't having a dig at the website young man just the club !! Anyway I was speaking to one of the lad earlier this week and he mentioned your name , he was really bigging you up on how much you have improved since he last saw you ride, he was really impressed, well done you I might be doing the Stocksbridge trial this week end, only be 2nd time out since summer, when I fractured my Scaphoid... So might see you there !
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