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  1. Try using tyre soap and then pump it up to 25psi and leave for about 5 days. This is what i do when i change a tyre, never had a problem. I only use IRC's.
  2. Glad to say I haven't bought the 09, I have the 08 and the commentator is completely clueless.
  3. I bought my Evo second hand, do I need to put the lights on and take it to DVLA to get it road registered?
  4. Wycombe are running a trial at Common Hill Wood on 31/5. Turn off the M40 at junction 5, turn left towards Ibstone then look out for the orange marker. Chris.
  5. I started with a Beta 270, very big mistake. Defo start with a 125.
  6. I've found them both at the same price. Cheers Munch.
  7. Looks betters and sounds better! What are my options without breaking the bank?
  8. I've got a standard 4RT 2008 model. I want to change the front pipe to a titanium one. S3 or Mitani?
  9. rev3chris

    Honda Sealey

    The question is, can you afford it?
  10. rev3chris

    Honda Sealey

    Hi John, Its a Seeley 200, but not sure of the model no.
  11. rev3chris

    Honda Sealey

    Does anyone know what oil to put in? Also how much? Cheers, Chris.
  12. Wycombe trial tomorrow is cancelled. Do you know of anything else thats on tomorrow in the South Midland or South Eastern centers? Chris.
  13. rev3chris

    4rt Chain

    Can someone tell me how many links a 4RT has on the chain? Cheers, Chris.
  14. Hi, My mate has a Sherco 2.5 2008, he has no Idea what gearboxoil to use. Any suggestions? Cheers, Chris.
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