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  1. Thank you very much for your help, Graham. I really appreciate having such experts to call on! Take care and stay safe. We'll soon be out riding again. Mark
  2. Hi, I'm still working on fitting my new Mikuni carb and now a really, stupid question! I'm going to use copper grease on the stainless M8 allen screws to fit the manifold but what is the best sealant for the manifold gasket? I was just going to smear the paper gasket with grease on both sides as I done that with old brit bikes so assume the same. Or should the paper gasket be installed dry? I'm never really sure! Thanks ajsm18
  3. Fantastic, thank you for the replies, chaps! I think I'll give the allen bolt idea a go first as I should have some M8 bolts around somewhere! They may be stainless... The adaptor plate also sounds a good idea but I think the allen bolts will be an easier fix. Thanks, again
  4. Hello, I've decided to replace the original Amal on my M116, 325 Alpina with a Mikuni and have bought one from In-Motion, along with the manifold. I have just tried to fit it and there isn't room for the retaining nuts at the two studs are practically touching the rubber manifold. I thought I'd ask in case anyone else has found the same problem and how they resolved it. I suppose I could cut the rubber away but don't really want to do this in case I damage it too much! Also, should I keep the original rubber carburettor spacer or remove it as the new manifold is rubber? If that is the case, I assume I will need a paper gasket between the new manifold and the existing manifold bolted to the cylinder? I hope I've explained the problem and will give In-Motion a call after the holiday but wanted to ask if anyone else had hit this problem and how they dealt with it. Many thanks ajsm18
  5. Very sad news, indeed. Vic was my all-time moto-cross hero, from watching him on tv on Saturday afternoons in the '60s though to him riding the works CCM at Farleigh Castle in the 500 MX GP during the late '70s. RIP
  6. Hi Lee, I'm glad you're having some success with getting it registered. I liked the PEs when they were new but have never ridden one. It sounds like fun! Mark
  7. Hi Lee, Thanks for that advice and I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner - I've only just found your reply! Anyway, I'll do as you suggest and get in touch with HMRI. How is your search going? There were two projects, an Alpina and a Matador on ebay last week. I'm not sure if they are still there but, from a quick look at the pictures, there looked to be a lot of parts. A bit expensive, I thought, at three and a half grand, though. All the best Mark
  8. Hi Lee, I've got a 1974 Model 116 which I will get running properly one day! I'm in the process of getting it registered now and have the paperwork, just need to fill the forms in and send them off. Mine was imported when new, according to the previous owner, who also told me that Sammy Miller, or it may have been Dave Renham, told him only four were imported to the UK that year. Therefore, it isn't in the NOVA system which may cause me a problem but we'll see. I wanted one when I was a Greeves-mounted teenager in the '70s and, now I have one, am looking forward to some gentle trailriding on Salisbury Plain! I'll let you know how I get on with the DVLA. Have fun Mark PS I've attached a couple of pictures of mine, taken a few years ago...
  9. Can I ask, did you get an 'age-related' number e.g. 'P' reg for 1976, I think? I have a 1974 Bultaco Alpina and need to go through the same procedure but it is nowhere near ready for an MoT yet but it sounds as if I can get the number without an MoT which is great news!
  10. You're welcome, geurn. My friend had a Puch-engined Dalesman when I had mine. Unfortunately, the chain jumped off the gearbox sprocket and wrapped itself around it, forcing the gear lever shaft away and cracking the crankcase! I imagine spares aren't very plentiful for either Puch or Sachs engined bikes but I thought there was a dealer in the states somewhere.
  11. Sorry, I didn't follow the instructions correctly! It should appear now.
  12. I took this picture of a Daleman Lynx with Sachs 125 engine at a Ringwood Schoolboy Scrambles Club meeting at Matchams Park in the mid-70s, probably 1976 or 1977. I've never been much good at photography! I did have a Dalesman Sachs of my own at the time but don't have any pictures. It was a separate tank and seat in contract to this one. Good luck with your rebuild. It would be nice to see some pictures sometime.
  13. He certainly impressed me on his rigid Matchless!
  14. I don't know Ben Butterworth, nor had ever heard of him before Sunday, but had a brief chat with him at section 9, I think, because I was surprised to see a Villiers carb on his Ariel. A very friendly, approachable chap! As a casual attendee of the Talmag, I'm not up-to-date with all the latest modifications but I'd have to say his performance was very impressive, although so was number 30 on a rigid Matchless and many others. Anyway, a great day out for my son and myself, despite the inclement weather. The cows were a bit of a surprise, though!
  15. Hi Charlie, I don't have any information to add but would like to see your site, if it is available now. Could you post a link, if that's allowed, or is it publicised elsewhere? Thanks for making this information available. Mark
  16. ajsm18

    Talmag 2014

    Good luck Jon I just go to watch!
  17. ajsm18

    Talmag 2014

    Good luck Jon I just go to watch!
  18. ajsm18

    Talmag 2014

    Is it this coming Sunday 26th?
  19. That's lovely! I hope to get my 1974 M116 on the road soon but it won't look as good as that! At least it is now running after a couple of years when I couldn't get it started. Have fun
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