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  1. Has anyone had their triple clamps powder coated ? How did you keep the original coating on and prevented the powder coating getting where the forks clamp
  2. badass76

    Gas Gas Or Beta

    i dont think i will post again, too painfull listening to you all complaining, i get enough of that from the wife.
  3. badass76

    Gas Gas Or Beta

    I posted this on the Beta Forum because i want to hear from Beta riders,I would love to have a Beta but feel that the electrics would let me down as they have done in the past!!!! is the problem solved ???? or should i stay with my reliable Gas Gas???. personaly i have had no problem with the Gas Gas but i like the Beta but dont want to spend money on replacing the ignition system when it fails!!!. will not Beta accept responsibility for the constant failing electrics on there bikes, as i feel that there would be a larger market for them if they would. why cant they copy existing designs used on current Manufacturers. why do Beta riders put up with this problem.
  4. badass76

    Gas Gas Or Beta

    Sounds like i will have to get an 06 Beta, what is the weight comparison to the pro 250?
  5. badass76

    Gas Gas Or Beta

    Hi i curently ride a 2003 Gas Gas TXT 250 Edition and am considering upgrading to either a Pro or a Beta, i used to have a Techno 250 but had a lot of problems with the electrics and had to purchase a new ignition unit. could you please tell me if the problem has been resolved on the current Beta's
  6. badass76

    200 Or 250 Pro

    i take it the bottom ends are the same then
  7. badass76

    200 Or 250 Pro

    I have a 280 TXT and am looking to upgrade it, an 05 200 Pro is for sale, would this be a good move to make or would i find it underpowered?
  8. Thanks for the posts i shall try them all.
  9. how can i tell if it is a tubeless rear?
  10. I have a 2003 250 TXT, the rear tyre deflates over a period of time is it worth reparing if posible or should i live with it? as i dont know if it has a tube fitted
  11. I had a Beta Techno and it started running backwards, replaced the CDI unit and it went as good as a Beta could go!
  12. i had the bottom of my techno fork leg break and had it welded and bored out, this bloke is in prees in shropshire i could get you his number if you were interested?
  13. I Used a dome headed Coach Bolt and placed that on the inner race, it fitted perfectly on the bearing and applied even pressure allowing you to get the bearing out even.
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