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  1. Thanks don glad you came. btw on my way home it let down a full force drenching,it was almost a normal event for us
  2. r2w that is the bike of my childhood dreams but i like them with the chrome fenders. i had an ossa flyer pinned to my wall of that bike . didnt even know what trials was but thought that was the most beautiful bike i had ever seen. still do, and i will own one someday.cheers tim
  3. ive only ridden a couple of the new novice and int lines but i can tell you it will be fun. down in the creek at the old sawmill is a particular fav. see you all on sunday. tim
  4. the results are in and our michigan and ontario MOTA riders did great! way to go boys.
  5. hey the mota boys did great and finished high in they're classes. congrats to all !!
  6. results are in and the boys did well. paul 2nd, gimmpy jim 3rd, and joe k. 7th in their class. and scott got 2nd in his. CONGRATS!!! i didnt see aaron, ill check again ,maybe he didnt go?
  7. jim.. i thought it was "big fat giant elephant a$$" but we will have to check with firstgear on that one
  8. scott is right . some of the sections i have worked were so slippery i had to hang to the trees so trying to juggle between a stopwatch and a beer would be down right dangerous! use your head man
  9. you know sam i think your right about beg. so i guess that means im thinking more of a nov.A and nov.B class or what ever you call it. someplace for new trials riders who are not new to motorcycles to start. and then an A class that could be as simple as 1 or 2 more markers to add a degree of difficulty. i know if we were drinking a few guinness' we could figure this thing out.
  10. as a fairly new member of mota i haved watched this thread with high interest but felt a little out of place commenting. but as a guy who just moved up to int. maybe my perspective can be of help. the move up was a tough one and i think the notion to add difficulty to beg. and nov. has great merit. i believe beg is just to easy for any adult unless they have no motorcycle experience at all. and nov is the real foundation class of trials. so in nov the fundamentals of trials should really be stressed and challenging enough to demand a slightly higher skill set than is required now. im not saying larger more dangerous sections but more technical and demanding sections. no one wants to see anyone get hurt or frustrated,but a section i have to dab dab dab through tells me i can do it , i just need to refine my technique. BTW kjax if you get a chance to ride with jim jump at it . he is a great teacher and very generous with his time and experience. i ride with jim and scott quite a bit and i cant tell how you good it makes you feel to have them behind me telling me to " BEND YOUR KNEES FAT A$$". it warms the heart really.
  11. sounds like a trip of a lifetime PA. if you are coming through michigan or ontario here is the link to our clubs calendar http://www.motatrials.org/ i highly recomend the garmin gps systems and the nuvi line in particular. they start at around 200 USD and go up from there. good travels, tim
  12. great event, Thanks to everyone who worked. a little hot but we dodged the rain so i was happy. p.s. section 8 .... i hate you
  13. Thanks windfall. hey i spelled "about" like that to make our Ontario brothers feel welcome. pronounced aboot.
  14. hey guys this will be my first time at this event abuot how many miles down barker is it from us23?
  15. glad to see you guys there, sorry about the rain. that was kind of scary for a bit. but you gotta admit Zip you rode my section best (section 3)even with the muddy ditch you were in and out of all day. see ya at the next one, tim
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