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  1. So I'm riding the traders tomorrow for the 14 time in a row best trial of the Wessex centre calendar I think 20 sections two laps and on my new gas gas 250 who's going ?
  2. I have had my 300 Pro Fantic for ages. In this time I have replaced the engine with a 156 taken from a doner 201 bike. Now I want to modify the footrests so they are further back. How much will this cost and where is best to go in and around the Bristol area?
  3. Yes lee your right. I have the 300 airbox, completely undamaged. One on e-bay with a lug snapped off went 138.00 quid.
  4. I purchased my Fantic 300 Pro back in 2005 as a non runner. It had a faulty source coil which was duly changed. Since then I have bought a 201 mono as a spare and fitted the smaller engine in to it along with a 240 air box and exhaust. I have also fitted a new seat that I got from Bob Wright and generally tided it up, I now use it occasionally doing clubman trials. I still have the original engine, airbox and exhaust etc. All of which can go back on. My question is what do you think it is worth as a job lot? My wife wants a new kitchen so she has too go.E-bay can be risky so was looking to list it in TMX or CBG as a classified.
  5. I think you may be right bigfoot. If I adjust it back I lose the clutch though. Which leads me to think it may be lack of fluid?
  6. Took my hardly used gas gas out yesterday ready for this weekend. The clutch has gone a bit wrong. I have adjusted it right to the limit in order to get it too work, and it now is as though it hits a dead end when pulled in. I think it may need bleeding, but cannot remember how to do this. Can some kind person explain in lamens terms, how to do it, and what fluid is best?
  7. charlie

    Wrong Engine

    Look at this 300 for sale on ebay. I think it has a 280 engine in it. It is stamped 28 on the barrel. I heard Gas Gas had mistakenly labelled some of there 05 pro's. I had a 300 pro 05, dog of a bike. Refused to start half of the time. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Gas-Gas-300-Pro-2005...=item3efb99b399
  8. charlie

    New Fantic!

    This picture has been around for years now. I first saw it ages ago. Does look cool, would love to see it reach production, with further models as well obviously.
  9. charlie

    New Seats

    My Fantic 300 needs a new seat like many other bikes do. Surely someone has thought about manufacturing new pattern type replacements? The number of times i've read that bikes seats are knacked. Anybody got any leads on this?
  10. I also ride most of the Kingswood Clubs trials I probably know you chewy? Whats your real name? I've been riding for 30 years now
  11. I do ride modern and am clubman expert at that level. The reason for the classes is obvious is'nt it? Why do I want to ride a old bike in a modern event? The reason I ride is also to chat to fellow riders and comment / have a laugh about their respective mount! Why would I want to wait at sections with riders on new evo's and pro's?
  12. Hi i'm in the wessex centre in the UK. The Bath mcc does not cater for air cooled mono class. Does anybody know which clubs within 50 miles of Bristol have both air cooled mono and twinshock classes?
  13. I believe I do yes. Just click on me?
  14. I have just bought a good 201 Fantic mono, the first of the monos I believe. Will it require much work to put the 201 engine into the 300 frame? The engine on my 300 pro needs work so I thought I would get a doner bike. I am also keen to get the forks off the 201 and onto my 300 is this feasible? looking for disc brake up front instead of non-functioning drum.
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