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  1. Hi Ward First. Congrats on getting your grandson into the best Motorsport in the world. 😁👍 Regarding the tire pressure. Just let them be like on a ordinary pushbike. You can't use ordinary low Trial tire pressure. I my opinion, it's better to let the child train alone the first few times. I have tried to write does some of our experience in this article. https://www.juniormoto.com/2017/12/28/starting-on-motocycle/?lang=en Also... You can make some simple upgrades to the OSET, that will make it easier for your grandson (and you) 👍😊 https://www.juniormoto.com/2018/10/09/upgrades-to-12-5-motorcycle/?lang=en Hope the you both will have a lot of great team together. Regards Thomas
  2. Short answer - Price... It is mere expensive to use a brushless motor in your electric bike, than to use a brushed motor. Also, it will need a more complex controller, than the brushed motor.
  3. Nice job😊👍. The battery job is specially interesting. What is the runtime that you get from it? Also - isn't the rear shock new as well? 😊
  4. I know that https://www.boost-bikes.co.uk makes batteries for the OSET 12.5 ?
  5. Hi Natasha I haven't seen this problem before on a Electric Trials, but I have read others on the net, reporting similar problems on a ebike. In that case it was a battery problem. When the battery drain was high (max load) the battery didn't perform, causing the controller to cut off the motor. Please try to test with a alternative battery pack. Regards Thomas.
  6. tjums

    Diagnostics cable

    Do you know if It it possible to buy the cable anywhere. I'm interested in acquiring one. ? Regards Thomas
  7. Hi. Can't say whether the battery in mention can work in a 16" OSET - it is as much question of it fitting into the bikes battery box. Reminder that the battery needs to be secured. If not, you risk getting a puncture of the lithium cell, and could leed to some dangerous situation! My best advice is to get a lithium battery from a well respected dealer, that has experience in building batteries for OSET. I don't know any in Canada or US, but I will recommend Boost-bike. I did replace my son's 16" kuberg with a Boost-bike unit, and it made sense. I have written a article on the subject on www.juniormoto.com You can read the article on https://www.juniormoto.com/2019/01/23/switch-to-lithium-battery/?lang=en Also... Get a 15 amp package, as the will give you a better range (or the Rance that you are looking for). Hope this is helpful. Regards and "feet up" Thomas. ?
  8. Did the Boost-Bikes 15amp battery upgrade on my sons Kuberg Trial Hero. It was worth every penny spend, and the effect it has on the bike is tremendous. It handles better, is lighter and performs super. I have our website with the total information on the upgrade, and if interested you can read more in detail on https://www.juniormoto.com/2019/01/23/switch-to-lithium-battery/?lang=en Enjoy…
  9. Hi Simon. I have to say that I don’t have any experience with the OSET 20R – My experience is with the OSET 12.5 and lately with the Kuberg Trial Hero. With that disclaimer, I think it sound like the charger doesn’t recognize that the bike is plugged in. I’d have a similar problem with the Kuberg. Please check .. - Dirt or water in the connection jack (on the bike) - Faulty wiring on the bike (from the connection Jack to the controller) If this check out, please work you way from the back. Can you charge the battery with a ordinary motorcycle charger (unplug the battery and charge with the Motorcycle charger) ? I can’t tell you if the charger should get 60v dc – but for me it seems ok. Remember – the Motor is 48v, but the charger can be more. ? That’s my input – hope you can use some of them ? Regards Thomas Ertmann
  10. Hi All My son got a OSET 12.5 (think it’s a 2010 model). The front fork is pretty stiff, and I was thinking on taking It apart, to do a bit of refurb on it. I do know that it’s just springs and no oil, but I still think I could do something (maybe change springs). But it does not seems like you can take the fork apart= Does any of you guys have any good advice – have any of you taken the bloody thing apart? Regards Thoams
  11. Hi jonnyc21. Thank you for your input – very insightful indeed. Make sense to have to 2 factors in mind on training day – Interest level and Energy level. Regarding the “move” to larger machines, it good to know. I have some time to “foresee” this, and work it into my training plan.
  12. Hi all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Relating to pushbikes (Striders) or OSET’s, I am already covered, as I have invested in a Monty Kamel 202 Push Trial bike, and a OSET 12.5” (I’m not as such desperate, but I seems like there a whole new Trial related budget I can dig into when it relates to my son (accordingly to the taxminister at home) I can relate to the whole “let the kids have fun – no pressure” philosophy, as that was I was thinking in the first place. I was hoping though, that there was someone “out there”, using some kind of age-related learning program for Trial. Example. In football (Soccer for you Americans) kids can be introduced in the early years. For 3-5 years old, they do something called “Toddlers ball” (freely translated from Danish). Mainly it 3 things. 1. Brining the kids on the field with the ball. 2. Getting them “hoked” on the football feeling. 3. (IMPORTANT) getting the parents used to the idea of “going to Football training”, and helping out. No.. its not real football, because football cannot be played at the age of 3 – is to complicated. The same fact apply to motorsport. It no problem for me to take my son with me to practise – whether it be on Pushbike or on OSET. But if I don’t have a plan, and some fun activates to do with him and his pushbike/OSET, I fear is doomed to fail. So the question is how to make (and keep) it fun to be out racing with dad, what games (with the bikes) do we do?, do I need some mates for him to play with?, how long should a “session” be for a 3 year old? And so on, and so on…. This might be (are) questions that a “to big” to be answered in a forum, but I was looking for ideas on how this issue has been tackled in some of the countries, where Trial is a bigger sport that here in the DK
  13. Hi guys I really do not know witch forum is the right one for this request, so the moderators/administrators should feel free to move the subject. So here goes. I have been Trial riding for the last 7 years, and love it dearly. I´m am (and has been for some time), active in the development of Danish Trial, both on the national and club scene. 2 year back I was blessed with a baby boy, and he is now beginning to find his daddy’s motorcycle madness interesting. So it only natural that I am looking for ways to introducing him to the sport of Trial. But – searching the web high and low hasn’t produced any ideas on how to make that introducing to the sport. I have heard of Spanish clubs that make the introduction to the sport via Cycle Trial, and of the OSET program (although that might be kids somewhat older). I’m interested in getting him “hooked” now (2-3 years of age). The normal “offers” for this age group would be Dance, Gymnastics, Swimming or likewise. Has any of you knowledge of an “introduction” program for Trial in the very early years, tried it yourself, or any ideas on “howto” – it will be greatly appreciated…. ! /Thomas
  14. Thank you all for feedback. I have come to the conclusion that the ”old” Marzocchi dampers will not be going back on the Fantic. I will get some new instead.
  15. A couple of years ago I bought an old Fantic 200. It had been stored in a sheed for 10 years or more. Now the time has finally come for us to start on the Fantic 200 project – so it will be ready to next years Classic seson. When we picked up the bike, it was fitted with Marzocchi dampers (see picture). I do not know the model, and can not find any information regarding it - Trial related that is. Since it is not original damper, I assume that it is a (better) damper than stock. Now the question is just whether to renovate them, or buy a new set. The only thing that comes close to the model are Marzocchi Strada - but never saw them used for Trial. Is there anyone out there who can assists me in the naming the model, and possibly whether it make any sense to have them refurbished for Classic Trial. They need some loving, with a total damper renovation - also spring and rod.
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