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  1. matt

    Red Dellorto

    Correct it is a red dellortto, but not the standard type. Its actually a dellortto flat slide carb, so still has all the same benefits\ characteristics or a keihn. When they have been used before they have been very tempermental (even more so then the keihn) but aparently paxau has done some work on them to improve things. I no that chris pearson of splatshop.com is testing one so could shortly be the man to contact if you wanted the same carb as the top boys.
  2. matt


  3. are there any results anywhere yet??? matt
  4. matt

    X Factor

    And you would have to get past bruiser sampson too
  5. matt

    09 125 Sherco Temp

    how hot is it getting? melted the rear silencer guard yet? does it get really hot in a short period of time....and effects the running of the bike?? it could be the stator
  6. these have to be the best buy! http://www.splatshop.co.uk/splat-pegs-p-10175.html
  7. i know some one who can covert it to fit a sherco for
  8. matt

    Keihin Carb?

    they did not do a cabestany 125. distance from carb to airbox on 125 wont be the same as a 290. i think?
  9. matt

    Sherco 250

    http://www.sherco-moto.com/downloads/service/02_manual.pdf 450cc
  10. matt

    Keihin Carb?

    if its a new sherco you will need a smaller tank from a 2006 model as the Keihn doesnt fit with the new larger tank. need a larger carb to airbox manifold, although some heat the standard up and stretch it to fit. think you will loose some bottom end grunt but gain lots of top end power and revs.
  11. matt

    Lomax Results

    11 doesnt look great then! ha
  12. matt

    Lomax Results

    brilliant reply! very helpful!
  13. any results yet? cheers
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