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  1. same thing here mate i ve just got a 4rt and im just gettins used to it theres nout wrong your just not used to it yet c you at penecuik trial [fellow lanarkshire member ]
  2. thanks nguys gona buy trialcast ghost pegs every one seems to rate them they dont do hangers for the 4rt emailed them looking at jitsea hangers on saunders x sports look good bit dear at 100 quid any one got these on also tried the excellent h ' d racing but they dont do them gona get one of there top looking anodised sump gaurds
  3. looking for recomendations on pegs and hangers any one any preff [my mate broke his raptor hangers so there not unbreakable ] better than the frame i suppose thanks in advance
  4. had the same thing on my 4rt it was a hot day fluid expanded looked on brake change fluid give it some more freeplay on the pedal and bobs your mothers brother
  5. stevie2212

    315r Probs

    just seems to be up climbs it pops up rocks ect no probs feels like fuel but im no mechanic
  6. stevie2212

    315r Probs

    hi guys my 315r runs ace until i need a full throt climb and then dies then once im off the climb it runns ace again any ideas
  7. hi mate im in the lanarkshire just rejoined after a12 year gap doing enduros went back to trials most club trials have an a and b route so dont worry great clud i practise a lot rlive round bathgate area if not to far stevie
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