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  1. Hi Tombo, yes the "the dog bones" can be removed without taking the swinging arm out and there is two triangular shaped flat links as well that will need to come off, or they did on my `04 280 pro unless the newer bikes have a different design. Regards.
  2. Hi, I only came back to trials in January after a 21 year break, did loads of homework on the web and went to a local dealer he said they need quite a bit of maintenance and they are a bit of a handful and suggested a second hand Beta he had (kick start on the left no thanks) and a lot of people I spoke to said the same but me being me I bought a 2004 pro280 and its the best trials bike I have ever owned and the only fault with it so far is a set of rear bearings and when I fell off and broke a clutch lever apart from that it has never missed a beat and I love it.
  3. Do you have any model shops near you that sell radio controlled planes, helicopters or cars? as they use a really nice silicone rubber hose for their fuel supply and you can get a meter length for
  4. Hi Dickiem, ebay has them or do you know anyone who works for the NHS thats were mine came from also veterinarian places keep them.
  5. Hi Dickiem, as Jan rightly points out the rear brake is a real bitch to bleed and it can take several attempts to get the feel just right, the way that works for me is to remove the rubber feed hose from the reservoir and force feed new DOT4 fluid or 5 in the right direction and out through the bleed nipple and then reconnect the reservoir and top up. I tend to change my front brake, rear brake and clutch fluid every 4 months with it being hygroscopic it takes in moisture (water) and loses it effectiveness in time.
  6. Hi Dickiem, is it possible that you may have had some air enter the system and it just needs bleeding? if not the place for AJP brake spares seems to be www.bvm-moto.co.uk, if you are in the UK that is. Hope this helps Andrew.
  7. Hi Andy, yea just lift the tank off and you should find like a T piece of metal with the black hoses either end and a couple of spade connectors and its near the radiator filler and that's what your looking for the thermostatic switch, try and short the circuit with a little patch lead to see if the fan spins up straight away. When I go out on my 280 `04 pro I like to let it idle for a couple of minutes then ride around in 3rd or 4th gear to give it chance to warm up then about 15 minutes or so later I check to see if the fan is coming on but usually it takes between 15 and 20 minutes and I keep checking throughout the ride be it a practice or trial session, but it also depends on how hot or cold the day is. Hope this helps, Andrew.
  8. Hi Peter, well you couldn't have got much further away than NZ, where did you used to live in the North East? did you ride over here too? Best regards
  9. Hi, another way is to use a kettle full of boiling water on the alloy hub, no heat guns or blow torches needed then fit a large Rawl bolt to the inside diameter of the bearing and when it has expanded flog it out with a hammer, quick and easy with no damage hope this helps
  10. Hi Slugger, search "Gas Gas info" with no spaces in the words on utube there is some really helpfull videos on there. Regards.
  11. Hi Guys, can anybody tell me the size/code for a `04 280 Pro front wheel bearings, are they the same as the back which is 6004 2RS. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Ben, its not the engine size that makes the difference between you and your Dad's bike but the fact that yours is a 2 stroke, the 4 stroke design is far better at fuel economy due to the way it burns its fuel, I had over the years a lot of road going Yamaha RD's LC's Power Valves etc etc and while most of my mates on their big 4 strokes would ride all day I would be terrorizing petrol forecourts all day filling up because if you ride a 2 stroke really hard it just eats the fuel. one and a half hours to the tank full does seem way excessive mind and a smaller tank too, how many liters does it hold? if you say you were just bumbling around was it in lower gears as that does not help either, when it was really cold back in January me and my Daughter ran my `04 280 pro out of juice in about 3 hours in the snow as we could not get any grip and the back wheel just span at high revs. Regards.
  13. andrewwww

    Sooty Plug

    Hi Laser1, do you know what the standard factory settings would be for the fuel screw on the Delortto? thanks in advance
  14. andrewwww

    Tubless Rim

    Hi Laser1, no it's not just a couple of psi it's totally flat by the weekend and yes your right I can never remember running a tubed back tyre at 6psi, this is the first trials iron I have had in twenty years so it's just me not used to all this new technology
  15. andrewwww

    Tubless Rim

    I have a `04 280 Pro with said tubeless rear and have to inflate it every weekend before I ride, so must be leaking on the rim somewhere but in all the years with tubed tyres never had any problems at all which is why I asked, many thanks for the reply.
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