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  1. steve1979

    keeping a bike looking nice

    Look up ACF50 it's good stuff for all round protection. Muck will wash off easier after and it will keep rust at bay.
  2. steve1979

    Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    Pumps gone,typical though I had put the oil in etc before realising the cable was goosed. Drain oil out, bash plate off etc. Made up a blank plate. 1step forward and two back at the moment though. Front exhaust is pretty well rotten, had to repair the silencer too, weld up a couple of holes. Front pipe is going to require a little more work to get it decent. I would like to put a new system on but funds won't stretch that far atm. I'll have to keep my eye going for a decent 2nd hand system. Not happy with the finish on the tank, had a lot of reactions and ended up with a slight orange peel effect, so it'll be getting flatted off again and this time a bar coat isolator coat put on. There's no shortage of paint on that tank now.
  3. steve1979

    Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    Just as turbofurball said, just neoprene. I have a pair on my gas gas. They were on her when I bought her 2006, there a little frayed now but still work as should. I would recommend them. So far I've not found the duel cable, all seem to be the single option. But I can imagine the duel would be ridiculous in price as you say feetupfun. Single it is. I'll order one and new chain tensioner springs etc today from ty trials. The original is also a bit on the weak side.
  4. steve1979

    Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    Yes just back in from the garage and I'm going to agree with you, I think the cable is past it's best. I'll get a new one ordered up. But I'm leaning towards removing the pump, it's probably fine, the fellow I bought it off assured me she was running great until he abandoned her outside for a while and he thought the electrics were shot due to corrosion, I've replaced everything there anyway and now have a healthy blue spark. So I'm thinking the pump is fine, but I've not primed it or checked it's settings yet, it looks ok. Looking online I've only found single replacement cables that do away with the dual cable set up. Although I've not fully looked for the upper cable yet. I did a search on here and the majority have removed the pump.
  5. steve1979

    Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    Hi guys, Rebuild is coming along, getting into a few nitty gritty jobs now. While fitting up the throttle cable it felt a bit tight and rough. I dismantled it and oiled it but it's still stiff for the throttle to snap closed. My question is, do you bin the oil pump in favour of a single throttle cable and just mix the oil with the petrol. My thinking is, it's a near 40 year old pump, what if it doesn't deliver the oil as it should. bin it and single throttle cable or replace with new duel cable and keep the convenience of the pump? what have you guys done. Oh and as for tank graphics, do I opt for the thin double line that was on it originally or go for the chunky red graphic that wraps over the tank? cant decide what will look better. She's a 1980 so maybe to keep her heritage right I should go for the thin double line. But I do like the look of the chunky red? here's how she's looking just now.
  6. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Thanks John, that's something I've never considered was having the likes of the flywheel machined, but an excellent suggestion! Some food for thought there. Once she's up and running I can start modifying and making improvements. looking forward to getting out on her. See how different it compares to the gas gas.
  7. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    I did have that moment of..what have I started when I got her home. My sons TY 80 was fully worse though and she came up good. What I thought would be a quick rebuild enough to get him in the hill, turned into full engine rebuild. New spokes etc it's not long in turning expensive, by then you've gone to far to stop. A couple of bits were compromises but I'll replace them as I find genuine parts.
  8. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    This was how I got her. Good to save one from the scrappy.
  9. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Thanks John, that should be us all sorted now here is some pics of the rebuild so far. Everyone likes a picture or two 🙂 It's not the correct bars, just ones I had lying around. I'll need to get ones with a 5" rise I think. The originals were past it. Much like the whole bike was before I started it.
  10. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Brilliant bikestat, that would be great if there was one. that's very much appreciated if your able to look. ill keep an eye going for your reply either here or in my inbox thanks
  11. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Thanks Tony27, I had a look at that company you suggested. It looks like the answer. Probably finding a pipe to send away will be a bit of a job. If all else fails I've found 43mm flexible pipe in black and I can make one up. I contacted yambits who are excellent to deal with but unfortunately they can't supply or recommend an alternative.
  12. steve1979

    TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Hi guys, TY is coming along, getting to the point of rebuilding. Zinc plating everything before paint is taking an age but hopefully worth it. Bit of a mistake by myself, the stainless spokes I ordered are wrong for the front. The rear laced up good, still need to true it up etc but I've had to re order new front spokes, had to compromise this time so there coming galvanised. I'll post up some pics of how she's looking so far. Back to to the main point though, I have searched for the inlet pipe between airbox and carb and I can't find one anywhere, does anyone know where this can be purchased or is there an alternative that fits or is it a case of make your own out of flexible hose? thanks steve
  13. steve1979

    Ty 175 forktubes

    Ok so it turned out the DT stanchions I could get were the right size after all. So I got lucky there. Just a quick fit into the fork leg to see but there's a million other jobs to do first. There not perfect but a good bit better than what was on before. New fork seals etc to go in, rather than dust seals I'm going to fit the neoprene socks, I have them on my gas gas and work brilliantly. Looking forward to the new stainless spokes to arrive to get the wheels cleaned up.
  14. steve1979

    Ty 175 forktubes

    This is the condition of the tubes, worst comes to worst they might be able to rigrind. But thanks for the suggestions they may be an option yet.
  15. steve1979

    Ty 175 swingarm bolt

    for anyone who's interested here's a good little site I came upon while looking for a spindle bolt. http://www.petrolscooter.co.uk/pit-bike-motorbike-axle-spindle-12mm-230mm.html they have a few parts that may be interchangeable with other bikes. Kick starters etc, don't know what the quality would be but I'm thinking can't go to wrong with a bolt at least you can go wrong haha it's not in stock