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  1. I was present when the bolt was removed and inspected. It was a very obvious fatigue failure. The bolt and clamp interface had clear signs it had been loose for some time.
  2. Everywhere else in the motorcycle world, the Min weight is set up to protect the privateer from the big factories. The powers to be in trials, have decided to protect the big factory from the privateers. They have it upside down. For those of you who argue that this will help bike reliability, then please answer why the primary companies who initially voted in favor of the rule change, haven't made their bikes any heavier, and conversely, turn around and market weight savings to the customer on their newest bikes! Evidently, they NOW don't agree with the direction either. I guess all the potential mega sales increases from the ultra reliable bikes scared them off? The good news is that the factories continue to ignore this rule and give the bike buying public (the majority anyway) what they want. It's only a matter of time before this really dumb rule is changed. Can't happen soon enough IMO. for now, It's a rotten shame that a stock production motorcycle is illegal in WTC.
  3. http://www.astmsteel.com/product/4130-steel-aisi-25crmo4-7218-scm430/
  4. Jackscycles has the Jitsie levers on sale right now. (see deal of the day) They come with the blingy adjusters as well. http://www.jackscycles.com/OnlineStore.html
  5. GG never specs 100:1 - was 2% for years and now spec'd at 50:1 across the line. 100:1 is OK for trials, but probably not for hard trail use. The contact uses the same carb as the std pro - so definitely not that. The key to this bike will be price IMO. cheap price will make it a reasonable option as a occasional cross over bike, especially on super tight trails. Probably better for trials than trails. The added range is nice. Seems like a decent seat. I would rather spec a 300 for trail use though.
  6. Hot off the press from the Rhode Island Trials club and Dave Allen: It’s Official: The 2015 World Trials Wagner Cup Championship in Rhode Island is on the calendar for July 25th and 26th of 2015. The Rhode Island Trials Club will be host to one of the most prestigious motorcycle competitions in the world, the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship, in beautiful West Greenwich, RI. It has been over 15 years since this competition has been hosted by RITC, and on the last week of July, they will once again welcome the best trials riders from all over the globe. This event marks the 40th Anniversary of first US World Trial Championship here in Rhode Island back in 1975! We are planning for a variety of activities at the site with the World Trials at the center stage. If your club is looking for a cool destination street ride, this is it! We have some of the best motorcycle roads in New England that will take you right to beautiful West Greenwich, RI. You can camp onsite and enjoy the weekend activities or stay in the plentiful hotels less than 20 minutes away. Our website has been updated and our ticket sales and camping reservation have been activated. Go to our website www.wtc2015usa.com for information, places to stay and to take advantage of the online discount tickets and camping reservations. Stay tuned for more information as this rockin’ celebration evolves. Dave Allen trialsriders@hotmail.com phone 508-285-6074
  7. I thought the Mots and hebo were basically the same thing? I 2nd the Jitsie Flow - may want to check them out if you can find one.
  8. Bobs right - no direct international flights from Providence airport. Bummer. Unless NJ is the only direct flight option from where your coming from, I'd fly into Boston (logan) as its alot closer than New Jersey and easier route/traffic. The airport exit signs will take you right out to the Massachusetts turnpike (look for Mass Pike West signs) and then take Rt 95 (South) all the way to Providence. Will take you about 2 hours to get to the trials in normal traffic. Double that for the New Jersey route. Sounds like the flight availability may be the biggest factor. Good luck. PS - dont forget, we drive on the wrong side of the road over here.
  9. You might want to see if you can fly directly into Providence RI (TF Green airport) . Very nice airport. Im pretty sure United fly's RT to Heathrow from there. Providence is only 20 minutes away, so might be a good place to stay if you looking for nice accommodations with lots of good restaurants right near bye. More info will be coming soon.
  10. Do you have some free play at the lever?
  11. Oh - OK. I mis understood. sorry. I thought you were saying it was too difficult and thats why nobody likes no stop.
  12. You'll have to show us all those posts were people dont like no stop because of the points? Thats a new one on me.
  13. Of course its the rules! They are subjective! Also, If you dont blame the rules, then you have to blame the checkers. Id rather have easy to implement rules myself as I agree that you cant berate a guy giving up his day off. Its not there fault, but that leaves the no good, no stop rules. It cracks me up when people use the logic that the old rules had riders moving backwards w/o penalty, so therefore the added subjectiveness of also determining a stop on top of that is OK. Two wrongs don't make a right in anyones book. If the old rules were subjective, we should have reduced the problem, not amplified them. But then, nobody can say the move to no stop was logical so never mind.
  14. The primary issue is that with todays technology, we have a avalanche of video evidence to validate the claims that when you have no stop rules, you get a wide range of highly subjective scores that make a joke out of the whole competition. The good news its apparent they have gone back to stop allowed, they just never announced it.
  15. I know a guy running a Reiger (older version that came on the GG race) on his 13 sherco and he mentioned that he had to put in a spacer to center/align the top Heim joint. Reiger is aware of the issue, so it may be resolved now. BTW - he says the shock transformed the whole bike and he loves it.
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