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  1. good way to put name to faces post your favourite picture of you riding,what you are most proud of. decription would be good aswell GO!
  2. http://fwd.five.tv/videos/behind-the-scenes-with-ross-noble not the same one but still dougys amazing
  3. think its on the fifth gear website.
  4. so good,shame it was only for 10 mins.
  5. what trials on sunday mate,hope ya rist will be sound.
  6. [quote name='tombo46' date='Jun 11 2009, 08:59 PM' post='204238' piston and barrel both nackered..........great...........
  7. it is illegal to practice on most of the sites they hold the trials at,ill pm you a location to ride near barnsley,then you can get some practice in.you should enter one of the evening trials on a wednesday night. hope to see you at a trial soon. jonny
  8. join barnsley trials club mate,usually a trial every weekend so you get to ride in different places,also a nice bunch of people.
  9. yup rochdale is worth it,only been once butit was the best day out ive had on my bike ,its so big i dont think you could explore it in one day.
  10. hi mate. The bike from work sounds a bargain,go check it over,look for loose wheel bearings,check the breaks are fine(should be able to lock the disk with one finger),listen to the engine for any nasty nocks. Also have ago on it and go through all the gears if you can,theres many things to check for but i just think these are the basics.usually you would pay around 1000 pounds for a decent bike,so it sounds a good bargain mate.i think if you can ride a bike with gears,it would take a while to get used to the power of the things but once your used to it i think you would be sound,deffiently stick around the 250 range or higher,i think any lower and it would lack power for somone of your build,me being the same size build as you i ride a 290 and its fine. hope this helps jonny
  11. lee sampson top boy,amazing watching him ride.
  12. Thinkin of entering a trial this weekend,but me and my brother share a gas gas ,would it be possible to still enter,and have are numbers stuck on to us and not the bike.The sections are in walkin distance so that wouldent be a problem. cheers jonny
  13. surely one sticker isent that important is it mate?
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