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  1. If you look on the site sponor here the top two are the loose ones as an indication of what to look for. http://www.trialsuk.co.uk/htm/riding_gear_pants.htm Cheers Azz
  2. Keep your eye on Ebay, get some good deals, I prefer the loose leg ones. The skin tight ones would bring out the best of my legs I'm afraid.... I got some Hebo ones for a tenner on ebay, Riding school in wales selling them off. I find they are very expencive new for what protection they offer compared to Road bike trousers. ATB Azz
  3. azzacat

    02 Edition 289

    Hi Just cleaning the deep cleaning the bike, noticed the rear spring was wound to max height, What would be a good base/Factory setting for the platform? does it just effect ride height? Thanks Azz
  4. If I was getting a dent out i would seal it completley and fit a tyre valve to the fuel cap, Purge it with CO'2 and pump in some pressure, Then slowly heat the dent, Bearing in mind its a fuel tank i wouldn't reccomend this method, but i would do it myself. Looks like you got a bargain there, if the dent isn't too bad just fill it and paint.. Good luck Azz
  5. Hiya James! Yea Both Ryan and myself are having fun, So much to learn..... Had a real good time at Earl Shilton last night, Saw lots of action, Watching is as good as taking part. Dad is lending me his trailer and once all my memberships are through i can take the bike to an event. All nice and relaxed last night, good atmosphere... Great place to learn on, Some of the little ones were fantastic on their bikes. Need to learn the corse etiquet, IE Peg meanings & Little cards people had. Speak soon Azz
  6. Ok Ta, Myself and Andy will be at Earl Shilton Tonight, Have a nose, see what the crack is, Expect to be there around 6:30pm
  7. OK Thanks, I called in at John Lee on the way home yesterday, Thanks for the link, Got a good deal and a load of sound advise from them, Got myself a decent pair of Diadora boots. Excelent little shop.
  8. Hi My TXT has a MX breather valve, and it too bubbles and hisses after use and when its a hot day, Doesn't realy cause a problem to me so i think yours is ok. Hope this helps Azz
  9. Looking to join the Cambridge Matchless, But cant get the website link to work, Any contact details? Thanks Graham.
  10. Thanks for the encouregment, Andy, Wed i will be free, Think i will take a look to if you dont mind, I will PM my mobile to you. All sounds doable, just waiting to get a trailer for the bike. Cheers guys
  11. Again thanks for the reply, Both clubs soud good, I am keen to ride but find myself worried about my firs outing as a comlete novice, I need to go and see what goes on at an event first, I have visions of being aked to hop or climb a rock.... all of which i cant do... YET Definatly catch up. Thanks Azz
  12. Hi Andy, Thats good to know, I work in northamton. I'm looking or a suitable club in my area to join, Any ideas where to start? Azz
  13. Hi, Been reccomended this forum by a keen rider friend, been reading for a few days so better say "Hello", We have a 02 GASGAS TXT 280 Edition and look forward to learning some new skills, Have been around bikes all my life and a little bored with road bikes so thought I'd give trialing a go. Look forward to taking part in this site. All the best Aaron
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