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  1. Sorry for my insistence, but I think It's not a good idea to apply torque over the studs because they can break easily. Saludos
  2. Hi gilbertdave. I can't understand how the tool you made works. I made my own tool too: Regards.
  3. Hi. I would like to show the solution I have addopted to solve the leakage problems. There is no nedd to drill, and the mod is completely reversible. The little pipe is a brass ballpen refill. Is easyer to weld than stainless steel ones. I have modified two carbs, an there is no leackage, even with the bike at extreme positions. Regards
  4. This link can help you: Link removed by Admin. Links to .exe files not allowed due to virus risk Regards
  5. mecajental

    Pinch Bolts

    I also recommend easy-outs. Here you are the procedure: Saludos
  6. It is a great job and well explained. Thanks for share. Saludos
  7. sochuck, if you show me an e-mail, i'll send you the manual you are looking for. Saludos
  8. I thougth exactly the same when I saw the new case, but both of them has the same weight. The darker tone of old case may be produced by dirty. Anyway, Beta says that all cases are made in aluminium now. Saludos
  9. I heard about aluminium cases too, but I haven't seen it. Anyone here has got one. Saludos
  10. I don't know if it's good or not, but it's an organic one. All coolants contains a glycol base. I use an organic one, too. Saludos
  11. You need to remove the bearing and seal from the pump to mount it on the new cover. You will need a new seal. If the bearing is damaged, replace it too. Saludos
  12. It's a very common trouble on Beta's. The cause is that the cover is made in magnesium, and magnesium is one of the most easy materials to be corroded, especially if it's in contact with other metals. It's a problem of erosion-corrosion. I repaired an old corroded cover and protect another new one. Here you are the pictures: Now, the protection of the new cover. Saludos
  13. If your bike is a GasGas, the thread is 10 x 1.0 . You can see it on this link: http://www.ajpamerica.com/rebuild-kits-and-parts.html Saludos
  14. My 2005 Rev3 sounds like these of the video does. There is no problem with the whine, in fact, I like it. Saludos
  15. mecajental

    Cdi Unit

    Yes, StuEssenhigh, in general, Galicia is a wonderful country to live. I hope you can visit us again. Saludos
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