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Submerged Techno


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been out this evening on my 94 techno , misjudged a route and ended up submerged under water , got home removed the plug and kicked it over till all the water was out of the cylinder ,removed air filter, got the airline and blew dry all the electrics but still not a peep out of it anyone got any ideas

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Being a 2 stroke water will most likely have got into the gearbox as well so would suggest draining and giving that a good swill out to.

As for it not running still I don't think blowing electrics with an air line will fix them? But shall leave those suggestions to the more knowledgeable

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dont forget to drain and clean the carb,depending how far in you went,the petrol may want draining out. Change the oil and run the bike up and down the gears for a minute or so and then drain the oil, repeat this till it comes out clean. Water may have got in to the crank, some bikes have a crank drain under the skid plate. electrics should be ok, check the plug for a spark.

as you can see i've had this problem myself.

keep trying it will start eventually

best of luck

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I`d pull off the mag cover, the exhaust and the carb and air box. If you still don`t have spark by this time. (just by a plug check). I would go ahead and pull the topend off remove any moisture and lube the crank so you don`t lose the bottom end bearings.

I`ve lost my bikes twice in deep holes and they have always restarted after draining carb and air boxes. So if it didn`t restart I`d lube the internals up so you do not have the added problems of bad mains ETC, and so on.

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air box and carb most likely culprits

if you cant work on it in the next 24 hours pour some neat oil in the spark plug hole and turn it over just to lub in case any moisture in there

have you a spark?

if so whip the air box off clean it up and dry it out make sure the airfilter is clean and lubed

put it back together kick it up

if not take the carb off and strip it down

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