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  1. Good stuff try and find out some prices etc. as well
  2. From the Betauk sites price list: 27.04699.0.57 REAR WHEEL REV-3 07 250/270 226.38
  3. Reckon Kinell is on the money here, take the flywheel cover off and check for wear and check the flywheel hasn't come loose. Try running it without the cover on if it is still there then you could have a worn or broken ring? My 04 250 started making a buzzing noise shortly before spitting half a ring out the exhaust!!
  4. Whats with the huge selection of top ends! Are we now able to buy a vast array of differnt capacitys for 2t and the one for the 4t plus differnt cams for the 4t?
  5. I think the most common one in the UK is 6mm I/D and 8mm O/D, TRIALSBITS have some good neoprene stuff that I have used in the past
  6. Have a look around the ACU website for your area
  7. I didn't mean re-packing old bearings! I was talking about the new ones. I will have a search for a technique to get the bearings out as it has been discussed before. EDIT: Just a quick use of the search function and I have found loads but here is one of the selection Searching is easy
  8. I usually pop the wheel bearing seals off (6004-2RS I believe or something similar) and clean out the small amount of grease in them and pack full of a good quality waterproof grease.
  9. I managed to get the link to work? Must be all this Welsh air Although I think anyone would do better on the Osset over any of the Razors on that page for a trials use!
  10. Couldn't you just replace one at a time? That would at least make things on the pattern and truing side a bit easier? It may be impossible I really don't know but just a thought
  11. barrybaines

    Beta Oil Milky

    most likely to be corrosion in the pump casing (common problem) to check it take the cover off and it will all become obvious! to fix it get a new casing. To prevent it from happening change your coolant frequently
  12. I should imagine THIS man could sort you out
  13. barrybaines

    Which Bike

    I have recently sold an Ashton Justice complete bike for just over
  14. If you do need any boring/honing give Steve at piston broke in Bristol a shout he is somewhat of a legend on all things like this and will do a good deal. For an example one of my bikes I creamed in he bored out and supplied all parts need for less than half the price I could of got from the dealers due to his infinate knowledge of workable strokes and sizes. The man can save the unsaveable
  15. I'm with this man on this one! I remember everyone slating the fart as a wtc bike now it's all about the bike? And lets face it Scorpa weren't ever right up there in the rankings in wtc in recent past at least so the what wins on Sunday sells Monday thing don't work to well, like many have said it is a good seller for all of it's on reasons as it is. On the other hand I would much prefer a greater selection of bikes to be able to compete at the highest level.
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