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Works Bsa Tigress Engined Bike.

charlie prescott

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32 YG would fit the story nicely as Tom Ellis had a shop in Ripon, Yorks; he had factory connections and "YG" was a Yorkshire number, being West Riding of Yorkshire, latterly Leeds.

Big John

I remember meeting a really old bloke in Ripon Rugby Club by the name of Tom Ellis, that was in 92 not that it helps much :thumbup:

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Hi Guys.

Hi Mick,

So you think the bike is still about and being used.

That is good news,

I was thinking that it might have been in Mr or Mrs Porsche 911's heated garage or been sold to the local scrappy.

So we still may be able to find the bike,

It's amazing what you can find out in a couple of hours if you put your mind to it.

As this is another part of trials history. It would be great if we could find out that the bike is OK.

I know that "Slinny" would be pleased, and even might add some more to the story.

Thanks Guy's for your input so far.

Regards Charlie.

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Whilst the Tigress engined BSA trials bike was "hidden" away after Edward Turner had ordered it destroyed, it, together with other "hidden" prototype machines were kept in working order !!. , usualy during weekend overtime by enthusiastic development shop staff. :thumbup:

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I ride one I built with a BSA Sunbeam scooter engine (which is identical, just badge-engineered) in a Bantam frame, and it works a treat. I'd post a photo of it, but I've no idea how to do that.... :-)

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Email me the pcitures and I'll post them. Then when I get time I'll find the how-to-post-pictures and put that up.


Ah, yes, here is the discussion on how to post a picture:

How to Post a Picture

I've updated it with instructions on how to use Photobucket. Hopefully that will help.

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Hi Guys,

Hi Odgie.

I'm sure theres a picture of you on your Sunbeam Bsa on the Yorkshire Classics web site.(nice Cobby little bike I seem to remember).

Lets keep looking for the ex works bike then guys, It would be a shame to let it slip away in time.

Does any one know were ex works bike BSA 250 is as well ( the late Brian Martins bike).

Regards Charlie.

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Charlie,. Brian Martin's BSA 250 is still ( as far as I know) still in the Martin family. I am trying to find out the date and venue of the "Victory" trial annual dinner, can anybody help me.?. I have been asked by a Ducati engineer who I worked with at Ducati if I can find him a BSA "Victor" GP frame and Swinging arm. He has been keeping his eye on ebay, he missed one that was listed there last November. Does anybody know the whereabouts of one ?.

Regards, Slinny, (Pat)

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