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Trials Boots


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as you've probably read in my other posts i'm new to this trials game and after some advice

my question is about trials boots

do i need em or will my mx boots suffice for starters ?

what are the differences between the two ?


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I would get some trials boots.

mx boots would be bulky,too ridgid and the soles are very different.dont forget that you will need to walk the sections too and trials boots have a soft sole with very good grip.

but if you only ride 1 or 2 events a year then perhaps you could put up with mx boots.

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Totally understand what the guys are saying above... BUT...

I use MX boots, and find them fine. I'm sure if I tried trials boots I'd love them.

But if you've already got a pair of boots that do the job, is it really worth going out and blowing

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I was in the same position when I started riding a couple years ago. The initial investment in a sport/hobby that you hoped you'd like can be daunting.

I went with ATV style boots. A heeled sole but still plenty of protection. More flexible than MX boots. Still not ideal for walking long distances. And very reasonably priced (I think mine were less than US$100) compared to true trials boots.

I also use them for vintage MX racing so I'm getting dual purpose from them, so I don't regret the initial investment.

With all that said, I'd love dearly to get some trials boots now.

So if you think you're going to be into trials for a long time, think about investing in the proper boots. Trials is all about contact points, which is where you want to spend your money. Tires, boots, footpegs, and grips. Anywhere that rider touches the bike and the bike touches the ground.

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I got a pair of old boots from a freind. there ugly but do the job. got some money last year for a birthday present but still could not bring myself to spend the 300 bucks on a new pair. well just had another birthday and got more money from same person. I saved the money from last year in my riding bag and now at the next event I will have enough for new boots. can't wait

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hello i have got two pairs of boots one trials and one mx

i find that the trials ones are a lot mofe flexible and have a lot more give in them where ad mx boots are a lot stiffer and atr a lot thicker.

i baut a pair of formas and they are great and they take a fair beating

hope this helps


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I'd say most of the points above are fair, but don't get yourself thinking that you'll look daft with the crosser boots.

I wore some at one point, after smashing and breaking my toe, then bashing it again just as it was on the mend.

I stopped waxing my trials boots after that as the leather was just so soft it was like wearing trainers.

The crosser boots do give more protection, and if you're just starting, you're really unlikely to notice the difference in flexibility.

You might end up on yer 4r5e more often when walking the sections as the grip is usually worse.

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