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I've been to Finland, it's probably the most gorgeous place I have ever been in my life, go there and take a trials bike to get around in the summer or a snow mobile in the winter, bloody amazing. And they get p****d alot and do naked suana (could lose the birch whipping though)....

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You do understand sarcasm don't you?

Oh Yes, when it is announced before or unimpressed hided

in the sentence in small doses and you find at second

view reading it twice or after a while during a talk.

The cherry on the pudding is when it is arranged together

some sense of humor, then its even a pleasure.

The best sarcasmus in my personal view is by the way

self sarcasmus, - very appreciated in Scandinavia-.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a butt in my pants!

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Hi -

I'm new to this forum (my first post), having only recently discovered Trials Central.

I have an early Comerfords 340 and have followed with interest the discussion on the "improved" head steadies, as this was one of the issues that concerned me when I first acquired my bike back in the eighties.

Here is the steady as it came with the bike :-


I recall querying this with Comerfords and the guy I spoke to told me they had experienced a number of breakages and their "improvement" at the time was to "weld in a thick piece of rod", and gave me the distinct impression that this was indeed done very early on - when they still owned the bike......

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